Stephen King Wants A Law & Order Vampire Show

Stephen King has a way to shake up the Law and Order franchise, and it includes a dose of the [...]

Stephen King has a way to shake up the Law and Order franchise, and it includes a dose of the supernatural.

The popular author recently shared an idea for a new Law and Order series, and it could probably work quite well if executed right. King said, "You're not going to think I am serious about this, but I am: I would like to see Dick Wolf add a new show to his franchise--LAW AND ORDER VAMPIRE SQUAD."

Yep, Vampires. The long-running franchise has always been a more grounded series that follows a squad in different divisions of law enforcement, including homicide, drugs, and special victims. Still, that doesn't mean you couldn't have a supernatural division right?

When someone asked what that premise would entail, King gave a quick and easy description. "Cops hunting vampires."

Law and Order is known for its traditional opening sequence, which narrates a quick description of the division's mission. In this case, a fan going by @XeroxCopycat came up with one that King wholeheartedly supports.

"In the criminal justice system, vampiric-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the undead who investigate these vicious felonies are part of an immortal squadron known as the special vampire unit. These are their stories."

Now, between King's quick summary and the King-approved description, it seems that the Vampire Squad could include a mix of actual Vampires and humans, all of which specialize in hunting Vampires. Now, this wouldn't be the first time Vampires have hunted other supernatural entities by a longshot, and it also wouldn't be the first time a human does it either. Shows like Moonlight, Buffy, Angel, Grimm, and others have all experimented with aspects of that in one way or another, and other Vampire shows like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals occasionally include more investigative elements.

Still, it would be the first time such a mix of genres occurred in the Law and Order franchise, and it would be amazing to see what that mix would look like on screen.

Here's hoping this idea becomes a reality somewhere down the line.