Stranger Things 4 Ends First Month With Over 900 Million Hours Streamed

The first month of release for Stranger Things 4 has come to an end and with it Netflix has announced the series was streamed over 900 million hours. To track the success of their programming, Netflix has a "first 28 days" window which they use to determine who successful a particular series was, akin to the first few weeks of a movie's opening at the box office. Stranger Things 4 became the #1 English-Language TV series for the streamer earlier this month but now it has cemented its place in that position with a final tally across the first four weeks of 930,320,000 hours streamed around the world.

Now here's where things get interesting. As fans know, Stranger Things 4 has been split into two volumes by the streamer with the final two episodes ("Volume 2") being released this Friday, July 1. Based on what we know about the final episodes, they have run times of 85 minutes and 139 minutes respectively, fans eager to see how the season plays out will give the series an even bigger ratings bump since Volume 2 is being released after the initial "First 28 Days" window and now gets its own. 

The big question on many people's mind however is where Stranger Things 4 will land in the end when all is said and done. As of this writing the series is already knocking on the 1 billion hours streamed door, which would put it in the company of Squid Game as the only shows on Netflix that have achieved that feat. Squid Game however remains the #1 Netflix series of all-time, with over 1.65 billion hours streamed on the service in its first four weeks. It seems unlikely that two more episodes of Stranger Things will be able to match that, but fans may find themselves rewatching the entire season more than once, perhaps giving it the edge in the end. Check back here for more details on this data as we learn about it.

I'd be braced for anything, frankly — including a not-quite-celebratory vibe as the season draws to a close," series co-creator Matt Duffer recently TV Line about the season's final episodes. "It is a little bit less hopeful than it is typically going into these finales, because our characters are at an unusual disadvantage in that they're so separated geographically. So it's a very different-feeling climax."  

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 debuts this Friday, July 1, only on Netflix.