Stranger Things 4 Star Detained at U.S. Airport

Stranger Things 4 star Joseph Quinn got detained at a United States airport and then freed by a fan. An officer working the station recognized him as Eddie Munson and let him go. Quinn told Jimmy Fallon all about that scary situation on The Tonight Show. People just can't shake that love for Eddie after the heroic conclusion to the fourth season of the Netflix hit. If the Duffer Brothers had known how big of a star that Quinn would have become, things might have gone differently in the battle against Vecna. For now, the star is just happy to be out of that airport "dungeon" and free to fulfill his obligations as a late-night show guest. Maybe that security guard is right and he will be able to return for Season 5. Check out the entire exchange down below.

"I very nearly didn't make it," Quinn explained. "I was taken into, I guess what you could call it more of a dungeon. And I was asked to wait there for about 20 minutes and then I was summoned to this desk where someone asked me, 'What are you doing in the United States, sir?' I said, 'I'm actually here to meet Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show.' And he didn't believe me."

"One of his colleagues looked over at him, looked at me, and said: 'Leave Eddie alone!'" Quinn smiled. "And then [the colleague] said, 'It's Eddie from Stranger Things,' and he was like, 'You're Eddie Munson?'"

The star wasn't done, "[The man asked], 'Do you come back next season?' I was like, 'I don't know,' and he said, 'You better,' and gave me my passport."

When asked about what made Eddie resonate with the viewers so heavily, the actor had a few ideas. Netflix talked with Quinn about his massive star turn in Stranger Things earlier this month.

"I just wanted to show someone that felt real," Quinn elaborated. "And what was so fun was doing that with someone that looked so extraordinarily kind of odd – to me, anyway ... I think, as human beings, we're all very multifaceted. There are situations we're in where we feel like we can be very assertive and brave and bold and command space. And then there are situations where you don't feel like that, and you can feel the opposite, but you're still the same person."

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