Supernatural Delaying New Episodes of Final Season Due to Coronavirus

If fans didn't know any better, they may say the final season of Supernatural is cursed given its latest roadblock. Fans have long viewed this last hurrah as a bittersweet one, and it has delivered for the Winchester Brothers so far. However, it seems the final season is delaying all future episodes indefinitely due to the rise of the novel coronavirus.

The announcement comes courtesy of Andrew Dabb who confirmed tonight's episode of Supernatural will be the last new one out for some time. The executive producer gave fans the heads up as the show was expected to wrap in May, but a schedule delay could change all of that.

"This will be our last episode for awhile," Dabb said (via TV Line).

The producer went on to clarify that the series is totally done filming, but there is more work to be done behind the scenes. The post-production work is what cannot be completed at the moment, and it has bottlenecked the final season as a whole.

"Our visual effects and sound departments have closed because of the outbreak. So, right now, the episodes can't be finished."

Of course, fans are upset about the delay, but Dabb is not leaving them in the cold. The producer promised his Twitter followers that the #SPNFamily will have "some special treats coming along the way to help us all get through this."

This, of course, being the ongoing pandemic. Supernatural was just two episodes away from finishing its final season, and those lingering episodes will debut once the global emergency eases up. Now, the TV show has joined plenty of others like it who have had to close shop due to the coronavirus, so the fans of Supernatural can take solace knowing they aren't alone in this blow.


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