Swamp Thing Season 2 Very Unlikely at The CW

In spite of strong ratings and an enthusiastic response from fans, DC's Swamp Thing is very unlikely to earn an order for more episodes on The CW. The network licensed broadcast rights from DC Universe, the now-defunct streaming platform that first aired it, but DC Universe only had a single season of Swamp Thing. It was cancelled after the first episode aired, reportedly due to funding issues. Since the series went off the air, there has been a consistent stream of #SaveSwampThing tweets, petitions, and more, Warners has seemed largely unmoved by the campaign, maybe since the root issue -- that tax breaks promised to film in North Carolina never came through -- remains in place.

Add to that the fact that the sets for Swamp Thing -- elaborate and expensive as they were -- are mostly gone, and the cast no longer have contractual obligations to Warner for the show, and you have a recipe for something that would be extremely difficult to revive. In a case like that, it's arguably more likely fans would get some kind of reunion down the line, when somebody thinks it's time for another revival. A new report at TVLine quotes a source close to production as saying just that.

During the season, ComicBook talked to series regular Henderson Wade, who said that the huge numbers of people watching Swamp Thing on The CW and then interacting with the cast, crew, and official social accounts made them feel like anything was possible. Still, after the way things went down, Wade told us that the cast considered the second life on The CW a gift, and if anything were to come of it, that would be an extra bonus, not something they were focusing on.

"There had been talk of like, 'Hey, we're going to introduce all of these Justice League Dark characters at some point or other,'" Wade admitted. "Constantine is going to be there, just like he was in that Alan Moore run, as this kind of guide, if you will. This sidekick. That was all there. So if that opportunity presented itself, if it wasn't necessarily on a Swamp Thing, and if it was on Legends of Tomorrow, or one of the other DC shows? Man, just to put the uniform back on one more time and be a part of that world, I would gladly do so."

You can catch episodes of Swamp Thing on The CW's website. It's coming soon to HBO Max.