Ted Lasso Star Praises Season 3 Writers, Teases Dani Rojas Moments

One of Ted Lasso's stars has glowing praise for Season 3's writers and teases some intersting moments with Dani Rojas. PopCulture.com managed to catch up with Cristo Fernandez to talk about the upcoming season. Viewers are still reeling from how the second salvo of episodes ended. There's a ton to be resolved in Season 3. Fernandez thinks people are going to be excited for everything coming on Apple TV+. Also of note for the star was the fact that COVID production techniques have been refined to a point where they're much more able to address the health and safety of people on-set. So, that's a positive for the show as well. As streaming enters an age where things are truly wide-open, Ted Lasso has proven to be a new property that has broken through with all kinds of viewers. It's easily the top of Apple TV+'s offerings alongside critical darlings like Severance. Check out what Fernandez had to say about Season 3 down below.

"We're very excited to be back on set and, thankfully, these times are different than last year, as in COVID-wise," Fernández exclusively told PopCulture. "Last year we were shooting in the middle of lockdown, but at least now the city has reopened. I'm just really amazed of how talented the writers are in the show. The scripts are so good. We've been shooting for the last two months, things are going well, and I'm hopeful. Hopefully, the fans will love our Season 3, which, hopefully, will be at the end of the year as well, out. I'm really grateful with the show, very happy to be back with the cast and crew, so it's been really nice."

If you're wondering what else you can expect in Season 3 of the Apple TV+ smash-hit? Well, the star says that there are some real laughs in there. 

"Well, for sure, many more funny moments, I think, many funny jokes," Fernández hinted towards this upcoming season. "We've been shooting lots of jokes my character will have, so... And I'm really happy and excited there's going to be lots of football this season, so for all the football fans out there, lots of football and also, I mean, there's really important key moments, which all of our characters, so I think this season three, it's going to have a really good... So, hopefully, people will like it."

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