Tara Strong Teases Teen Titans Go! DC Super Hero Girls Crossover with New Clip (Exclusive)

This Memorial Day weekend promises to be an epic one, as fans are set to get the much-anticipated [...]

This Memorial Day weekend promises to be an epic one, as fans are set to get the much-anticipated crossover between Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls in a one-hour crossover special, which premieres on Monday, May 31st at 6 PM EST, but that's not all. Fans can look forward to even more DC Super Hero Girls when the all-new season premieres Sunday, June 6th at 8 AM EST, and to get you hyped for both, we've got an exclusive clip from The Space House crossover right here. Here's the thing though. What's better than an exclusive clip? Well, it would be talking to one of the stars from both shows, and we did just that, as ComicBook.com had the chance to talk to Raven and Batgirl actress Tara Strong, and you can check out our conversation below.

In the clip above you can see the Titans and DC Super Hero Girls are enjoying some relaxation time, checking out their favorite shows, and just getting to know one another when the monumental task of using the remote comes up. Batgirl is just "too far away" and Robin is getting anxious because he doesn't want to watch the credits. After some sarcasm from Raven, Jessica Cruz comes to the rescue, but her Power Ring becomes all Beast Boy can think about.

That's when he goes full Gollum and tries to get the ring, which after a fight ends up in Zatana's hat, with, apparently, lots of rabbits. We can't wait to see the full episode, and you can check it out in the clip above.

(Photo: DC)

Strong cannot wait for fans to see the big crossover event, and teased a bit of what fans can expect, which yes, includes muffins. "The crossover is the biggest party in animation history...ok, maybe not the biggest, but there are big adventures, lotsa craziness, plenty of funny mishaps and also there's muffins," Strong said.

Strong actually voices both Raven and Batgirl, who like in the clip often interact with each other in the same scene. That's why we wanted to know what inspired each of those voices and if it was challenging to bounce between them. in the same scene.

"Raven's voice came to me at the audition like magic. I had already finished my audition and left the room when I had this crazy idea to give her this creepy roll in the back of my throat. I asked Andrea Romano, the director, if I could come back in and try something else, thank goodness she let me and Raven was born," Strong said.

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"Batgirl is typically my own voice, although in DC Super Hero Girls she is much higher and more hyper which is exactly how Lauren Faust wanted her to be," Strong said. "They are so different vocally that I never mix them up. Often skilled voice actors have to do scenes with themselves, arguing with themselves, laughing with themselves, it's all part of the adventure."

Now, this isn't the first time Strong has voiced Batgirl, but there are some big differences between this latest iteration. and the ones that have come before. So, would she ever be up for all of them interacting in one project?

"The original Batgirl truly was my own voice. I would close my eyes and imagine myself in all the scenes. This Batgirl was designed completely by Lauren. She wanted a goofy teenager with a much higher-pitched sound. Every time I voice Batgirl, I have to be very conscious of her world, her surroundings, her relationships with other characters, the vibe of the show, and who she is in that world," Strong said. "It would be fun to do a Spider-Verse version of Batgirl, exploring all her iterations as well as some new ones."

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One of those past Batgirl projects was voicing Barbara in The Killing Joke, and Strong is also voicing Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League game. Since she's used to
voicing multiple people in a crossover, we wanted to know if she would be up for voicing those two characters in a crossover project and what that would look like.

"I would voice Batgirl & Harley together in anything. I would perform HarlsBabs on ice if they asked me to. I love girl power so maybe a team up...but a really dark one, that would be fun," Strong said.

Fingers crossed that happens because it would be amazing. In the meantime, though you can hear Strong's work in both Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls as well as the big crossover. The Space House crossover episode hits Cartoon Network on Monday, May 31st at 6 PM EST. Then DC Super Hero Girls returns with an all-new season beginning Sunday, June 6 at 8:00 a.m. ET/PT.

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