The Boys Roasts Disney+ With Deleted Scene of Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy

Fresh off their Twitter post making fun of Warner Bros. Discovery, Amazon Prime Video's The Boys has taken aim at Disney+ in a hilarious new video. Poking fun at the pre-content warnings that appear before some films like Dumbo and The Aristocats, The Boys revealed a deleted scene of Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy starring in an in-universe movie, titled Red Thunder, complete with its own content warning. "We saw your tweets, opened your emails, and read your one-star reviews. That's why we're making the brave choice to bring Soldier Boy back to Vought++," the Vought International account tweeted. "Films like Red Thunder will now have this content warning to properly prepare patriots before they press play!" The Vought++ "content warning," which does include some season three spoilers, reads as follows:

"This film portrays Soldier Boy as a hero of the American people. Though his time spent in Russian captivity radicalized him to a point where he took the life of Vought's bravest lesbian, Queen Maeve, that should not dissuade us from remembering his time as a defender of democracy and freedom. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact so that we may all learn the lessons of history, together. Viewer discretion is advised."  

Series showrunner Eric Kripke teased in an interview after the season three finale that Ackles' character could very well return to the series in the future. Speaking with with EW, Kripke said the show is "100 percent" leaving the door open for  more Soldier Boy, adding: "The old TV adage is like, never kill anyone unless you really, really have to. Never close a door, open a window. We'll all have to wait and see, but I can't imagine the series ending without Soldier Boy making another appearance."

Ironically, The Boys actually had to put up a content warning ahead of one of its episodes, season three's highly anticipated "Herogasm," which read:  "Some scenes may not be suitable for some, really most, let's be honest, all viewers. But rest assured that any consensual relationships depicted, be they human, animal, superhero, or other, aren't real, harmed no one, and in fact cost a hilariously large amount in visual effects."

Production on season four of The Boys is slated to begin in just a few days with filming on the spinoff series Gen V already underway as well. It's unclear when either show will premiere but a summer release for The Boys season four seems likely.