The Boys Fires Shots At Warner Bros. and DC With the "Launch" of Vought++

The Boys may be taking a break between seasons right now, but that doesn't mean the Prime Video show's social media game is taking a break from lampooning the competition. The latest post from The Boys Twitter Page takes some pretty direct shots at Warner Bros. and DC Films, after the studio's controversial week of announcing some big changes in the direction fo the DC franchise. One of the big changes coming is the merger of the HBO Max and Discovery+ streaming services – and The Boys is certainly having fun with it: 

HBO has been through so many streaming rebrands that's it's worthy of a joke. HBO On Demand, HBO Go, HBO NOW all preceded HBO Max, which was supposed to be the ultimate synthesis of Time Warner streaming services, pulling the HBO, Cinemax, DC Universe and more brands into one mega-streaming hub. But now that whole concept is once again being undone by Discovery coming in and vowing to make an even BIGGER ultimate streaming hub, which will probably force the already-confusing HBO Max interface and product line that much more confusing. 

The Boys is clearly making a joke about how many times Warner Bros. has had to rebrand in the last decade – and how much it has cost the consumer to do so. 

As for The Boys: the show is currently at work on Season 4, after the all-out tag-team fight rager that was the Season 3 finale. So far, we know that two new faces will be Firecracker (Valorie Curry) and Sister Sage (Susan Hayward). The Season 3 ending also set up Homelander to have a powerful new ally: his son Ryan, who has fallen under his wing. 

There is also The Boys spinoff series Gen V that's in the works. That show will examine some college kids at a university for Supes. 


"It's about kids who are complicated psychologically getting into trouble," Boys creator Eric Kripke told Variety about Gen V. "So in that way, it's like 'Euphoria.' I don't know if it's quite as dark, frankly, as 'Euphoria.' 'Euphoria' manages to be darker than 'The Boys' cinematic universe. They're not shooting up heroin in the hallways of their school, I would say, for example. But hopefully we're capturing something real about what it's like to be a kid in this oversaturated media landscape we all live in."

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