The Boys Season 2 Filming Reveals New Member And Fallen Member

Amazon Prime has a certified hit on its hands with The Boys, and after such a successful first [...]

Amazon Prime has a certified hit on its hands with The Boys, and after such a successful first season fans are eagerly awaiting anything from season 2. Thankfully the series is already filming its second season, and we're starting to get more looks at the season thanks to photos from the set. The latest photos give fans their first look at The Seven's brand new member, a female hero with a red and black costume. We see her standing next to Homelander on a sign by a memorial, which reads Fighting For Our Freedom. The Seven took quite a hit through season 1, losing Translucent, The Deep, and presumably A-Train after what happened in the finale. Starlight is also helping Hugh and the rest of the team, though only A-Train seems to know that at the moment.

We also get a look at one of the former members of The Seven thanks to a memorial statue on the set. Solider Boy is wielding a gun and is wearing a lot of classic military gear, and his memorial reads 'True American Superhero, True American, True, God Bless Soldier Boyo 1910 - 1982.

You can check out the new photos below.

It seems odd that the memorial would be a focal point of the set if it didn't have something to do with the central plot of season 2, and Soldier Boy wasn't highlighted in the first season, so we are eager to see what the team has in mind for the character and his legacy.

The Boys is executive produced by Seth Rogen and Eric Kripke. It stars Karl Urban and Jack Quaid in the lead roles of "The Boys" leader Billy Butcher and new recruit Hughie Campbell (respectively). Also in the ensemble cast are Jennifer Esposito (The Affair), Elisabeth Shue (CSI), Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad) Anthony Starr (Banshee), Dominique McElligott (Hell On Wheels), Jesse Usher (Independence Day: Resurgence), Chance Crawford (Gossip Girl), Laz Alonso (Fast & Furious), Tomer Kapon, Nathan Mitchell, and Erin Moriarty (Jessica Jones).

You can find the official description for The Boys below.

"Supes have been committing atrocities, which keep getting swept under the rug because they are revered by the adoring public. Billy Butcher recruits The Boys who have all been wronged by The Seven, the world's most notorious superheroes, to bring them down and stop the corruption. Based on the best-selling comics by Garth Ennis, The Boys is a revenge story where the nobodies take on the somebodies."

The Boys is available now on Amazon Prime.