The Boys Season 3 Casts Katia Winter As Little Nina

The Boys season 3 has added actress Katia Winter as Nina Namenko - aka the Russian crime boss [...]

The Boys season 3 has added actress Katia Winter as Nina Namenko - aka the Russian crime boss "Little Nina." Winter is best known for to geek culture for her roles in Fox's Sleepy Hollow (Katrina Crane) and DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Freydis Eriksdottir). Fans of The Boys comic series are certainly raising an eyebrow right now; Little Nina's character in the comic is a mix of ruthlessness and pretty lewd sexual predilections, resulting in some of the more shocking moments in the series. And in the context of The Boys, that's certainly saying something.

Little Nina's claim to infamy is the creation of her own version of "Compound V" to produce her own "supes." However, her compound is wildly unstable and keeps making their heads explode. COMIC SPOILERS: Nina's sexual preferences take a demented turn after childhood trauma and daddy issues swear her off of trusting men. Instead, Nina has a penchant for vibrators and sex toys which she enjoys freely. However, The Boys really goes there when Billy Butcher takes Nina out by hiding a bomb in her vibrator!

It will be interesting to see how The Boys TV series adapts Nina's character and story. Katia Winter isn't exactly what you would define as "little" stature-wise, but that can easily be spun into an ironic joke; it's harder to avoid the character's kinky sexual nature. Of course, HBO's Watchmen turned a super-sized vibrator into a major character point and even used to hide a major reveal in plain sight. So The Boys can definitely go there in a humorous and/or creative way.

The Boys Season 3 Katia Winter Little Nina Cast

Season 3 of The Boys has been stacking a pretty impressive cast. Lizze Broadway and Jaz Sinclair were recently cast as young hero Emma and classmate Marie (respectively); Claudia Doumit's congresswoman Neuman (the secret villain of season 2) and Colby Minifie's Vought publicist Ashley are now regulars; and Jensen Ackles is set to steal the show as The Boys' version of Captain America known as "Soldier Boy." As showrunner Eric Kripke teased, his Supernatural star will be be crashing into The Boys hard:

"I think anyone expecting Jensen to show up and be a good guy, they will be disappointed. I'll say that! [Laughs]," Kripke said to Variety. "In the comics he's mostly just kind of bumbling and subservient to Homelander, I would say. As we're writing him in this, we're getting to really talk about the history of Vought because he's like John Wayne. He's one of these guys that's been around for decades of Vought history. And he was Homelander before Homelander, so he's from a different era, but he's got the ego and the ambition — it just comes across in a different way because he's from a different time."

The Boys season 3 is now filming.

Source: Deadline