The Boys Showrunner Explains Why Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Cameo Hasn’t Happened

Is a Supernatural family reunion Dead on The Boys? Showrunner Eric Kripke announced he was bringing "a bit of Supernatural to The Boys" Season 3 when the creator of the CW series cast Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, a spoof of Marvel's Captain America. Kripke planned to reunite with a second Supernatural alum, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, offering the John Winchester actor a Boys role after Morgan tweeted he would "go play with that gang anytime." But after confirming talks with Morgan in 2020, Kripke revealed conflicting schedules make coordinating difficult. Morgan stars as Negan on the final season of AMC zombie drama The Walking Dead and reprises the character on the upcoming spinoff Isle of the Dead

"The question has been asked" about Morgan making his cameo on a potential Season 4 of The Boys, Kripke told EW. "Sad for me, happy for him: He's currently the lead, along with Lauren Cohan, on the Walking Dead spin-off. So, schedule-wise, I don't know. We might still remain star-crossed, unfortunately, because I did ask. We had a role come up, and my first question was, 'Well, is Jeffrey available?'" 

Cohan, who will lead the New York City-set Isle of the Dead with Morgan, also appeared on Supernatural. A six-episode first season has been greenlit at AMC and films this summer in Manhattan for a planned 2023 premiere. 

"I enjoy that it's two Supernatural alum in the lead of that show," Kripke said. "That makes me feel good for our creeping Supernatural world dominance."

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Ackles added of Morgan on The Boys, "I don't know exactly what was in the works for that, but I know that there were some preliminary conversations of how and what and when and why that just didn't work out with Jeff's schedule. He's a busy man, and everybody wants him to come on their show."

He continued: "I'd love to invite him into this fold because it's nutty." 

The Boys Season 3 is streaming June 3 on Amazon and stars Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid as Hughie, Antony Starr as Homelander, Erin Moriarty as Starlight, Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve, Jessie T. Usher as A-Train, Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk, Chace Crawford as The Deep, Tomer Capon as Frenchie, Karen Fukuhara as The Female, Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir, Colby Minifie as Ashley Barrett, Claudia Doumit as Vic, Laurie Holden as Crimson Countess, and Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy.