The Boys Teaser Asks Why The Show Is Called The Boys

Why is The Boys called 'The Boys?' Other, of course, than the fact that the comic it's based on is [...]

Why is The Boys called "The Boys?" Other, of course, than the fact that the comic it's based on is called it? Well, that's what the Amazon series is asking on social media, with the release of a new teaser that puts the kick-ass women of The Boys center stage. In a quick-hit montage of fight scenes, everyone from superheroes to The Woman gets a moment to shine, usually taking down some corrupt superhero in the process. The series, based on the Dynamite Comics series from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, is a brutal and bloody deconstruction of superheroes, and the TV series seems to be taking a look at toxic masculinity in traditional superhero stories a step farther than the comics did.

The second season of The Boys will finally get a release date this afternoon, when the cast comes together for a virtual reunion with showrunner Eric Kripke. The first season was equally creative with its release date shenanigans, dropping the show after they had already renewed it for the second season.

You can see the teaser below.

The series has already been given a season three order by Amazon before the new batch of episodes have even premiered, is in keeping with tradition for the show. It seems to have paid off for them last time around, as The Boys was reportedly one of the most-watched original series in Amazon's history. Series showrunner Eric Kripke has promised an even more twisted tale in the new episodes, confirming that work on the second season has been concluded despite the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

The second season of The Boys will pick up after the major cliffhanger from the season one finale that revealed Butcher's wife was still alive, living in secret, and raising the son of the sociopathic superhero Homelander. This new season will revel in the fallout of those events, while also likely putting Hughie and Butcher on collision course as they both attempt to figure out how to navigate this world.

The first season of The Boys is now streaming on Amazon. The second season is coming soon -- check back at later today for more details and a release date.What are you hoping to see in the second season later this year? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!