The Circle Season 3 Premiere Date Announced by Netflix

The most recent season of The Circle was just released on Netflix over the summer, but fans [...]

The most recent season of The Circle was just released on Netflix over the summer, but fans excited about the prospect of more episodes won't have to wait too much longer. Netflix already renewed the popular series for additional seasons. What many may not have known, however, is that the streamer already filmed the third installment of the series. Season 3 of The Circle is already in the can, and Netflix just announced that it arrives in a couple of weeks.

During a TCA presentation on Thursday, Netflix revealed that The Circle Season 3 will be premiering on September 8th, just a few months after the conclusion of Season 2. Like the second season, The Circle Season 3 will be broken up and released over the course of several weeks.

The Circle Season 3 will be released over a four-week span, with a grand total of 13 episodes being released over the course of the month. The season will conclude with the finale on September 29th.

While Netflix is known for adhering strictly to a binge model for its original shows, releasing entire seasons at once, the streamer has taken an alternate route for its reality programs. Both The Circle and Too Hot to Handle were given alternate release strategies, allowing them to be released over the course of multiple weeks.

"We're also experimenting with the release format so you have time to dissect and dish on every step of the competition as it unfolds," wrote Brandon Riegg, Netflix VP of Unscripted and Documentary Series. "We'll debut several new episodes at a time on Wednesdays beginning with the first four episodes of The Circle on April 14. Once The Circle wraps in May, Too Hot to Handle takes over in June."

Here's the official synopsis for The Circle Season 2:

"Season 2 of The Circle returns bigger and better, with more twists, turns, and shade thrown in all 13 episodes! A cast of eight new contestants enter The Circle, where they flirt, befriend, piss off, and compete in challenges against each other on a unique social media platform to earn the ultimate cash prize as top influencer. With $100k on the line, will they be able to earn clout and figure out who is real and who is a catfish?"

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