The Flash: "The Biggest Twist" for Ralph and Sue Is Still to Come

This season on The Flash has seen a number of major developments for Team Flash that have been, in [...]

This season on The Flash has seen a number of major developments for Team Flash that have been, in a sense, on a slow burn for years. The biggest of those was arguably "Crisis on Infinite Earths", but the arrival of Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfus) has also delighted fans. Since the introduction of Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) in the show's fourth season, fans have been eagerly awaiting Sue and while the clever debutante has been giving Ralph a real run for his money at every turn since her debut, series showrunner Eric Wallace promises that the biggest twist in Ralph and Sue's story is yet to come.

Speaking with, Wallace confirmed that the goal is to get Ralph and Sue on a path to where they're falling in love, but there's still a lot to come -- including a relationship altering twist.

"The good news is we love them too, so get ready for more Sue Dearbon," Wallace said. "I won't' tell you when because she's a wild card. You never know when she's going to pop up. However, the biggest twist in her story is still to come and it's going to change Ralph and Sue's relationship and get them even closer onto the path that we eventually know they should be on, which is coming together and falling in love. We're not going to get there quite yet, but we're going to take a big step forward."

That careful development of the relationship is something that Sawyer himself recently spoke about as well.

"It's an understatement to say she was not what he expected. I mean, I don't think that ... I think it's really cool the way that we brought Sue in, which I think everybody knows is that something that's kind of come up since I joined the show a couple of years ago," Sawyer said. "And we knew that on a long enough timeline, all roads led to Sue, but we really took our time getting there with developing it. And I've talked about that in the past that we wanted to really develop Ralph and move him down the line in terms of maturing and becoming the hero that he is and will be, so that he's ready for that when she comes into his life. And we never wanted to just get there and be like, 'And now it's a thing.' And make it that easy because something that Todd Helbing and I had talked about in the past, and Eric Wallace and I talked about this a lot, and Eric has done a great job with how sees and how he's planned out the whole Sue Dearbon thing was we don't want to rush any of this. There's a lot of interesting stuff combined here."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.