The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Sue Dearbon Returns in "So Long and Goodnight"

The Flash returned on Tuesday night, picking back up the mystery of Black Hole as well as that of Sue Dearbon after her double-cross of Ralph a few episodes back. However, as police the investigation into Joseph Carver intensifies, the villain turns his Black Hole metahumans against Joe West making it a race against time for The Flash to keep his family safe even as his own speed runs out. Want to know what happens? Read on for our full-spoiler recap!

Spoilers for The Flash "So Long and Goodnight," below.

The episode opens with Carver putting a hit out on Joe West. Elsewhere, Team Flash is playing Pictionary at the West house and while Joe gets a call about the Carver case, Singh tells him he needs to step back from it.

Cisco meets up with Ralph and Ralph explains that he has been tracking Sue Dearbon and has figured out her next target -- turns out Sue's been robbing banks. Cisco agrees to help Ralph stop her.

Joe is driving when his car suddenly no longer responds to him and starts racing out of control. Joe gets out just in time before the car crashes and explodes. It is enough to prompt Singh to want to put Joe into witness protection, but Joe talks him out of it. Joe remains on Carver's case.

Cisco and Ralph crash the investor brunch with Cisco running into January Galore, one of the arms dealers from Barry and Cisco's James Bond-style adventure. But it's not the real January. It's Sue in disguise and after some witty banter, she gets away.

While Joe is interrogating Sunshine, Rag Doll (who is hiding in a file box) shows up. He deflects Joe's bullets, but while the Flash shows up to help, he isn't fast enough to stop Joe from getting injured. Barry tries to convince Joe to back off the case because he's not fast enough to protect him now.

Joe decides to go confront Carver himself and Carver ends up exposing himself. Joe was recording him the whole time, but Carver counters with a localized EMP pulse and destroys it and further threatens Joe and his family. Barry pushes him to consider witness protection.

Sue is casing her next mark when Ralph shows up and busts her. It turns out that someone is extorting Sue's parents -- Carver. She's investigating him, too. Ralph offers to help her. After a bit of banter, she gives him the diamond she previously stole and tells him to "look into it".

Allegra and Nash pledge to keep Cecile safe, but after Allegra tells Nash to just go, she's attacked by Rag Doll. Nash shows up and tries to stop him, to no avail and the villain goes after Cecile next and kidnaps her. Barry and Joe go to rescue her. Joe triggers a bomb and Cecile reveals she's sitting on a pressure bomb. If she gets up it will explode. Joe manages to trade places with her. Realizing the bomb, Flash rushes to Joe and Cecile. He speeds Cecile to safety and races back to save Joe only to find that Joe saved himself -- and is now ready to go into witness protection.

Later, Mirror Iris argues with Barry because he didn't race to come get her when Joe went off to witness protection and won't use his speed to find her dad so she can say goodbye. She throws him out of their home.


Odds and ends:

-In the Mirror World, Iris tells Eva she thinks she's found a way out. Iris tells Eva Barry's the Flash and that he might be the key to getting them out of the Mirror World. Once alone, Eva immediately reaches out to Mirror Iris and tells her to drain Barry of his speed in order to protect her husband.
-Singh is apparently working for Eva.
-Eva makes herself known to Carver. Turns out she has an axe to grind with him since he's left her in the Mirror World and taken over her company and tech.