The Flash EP Teases Mirror Mistress' Storyline in Season 7

Tuesday night’s Season 6 finale of The Flash saw the full realization of what may be The CW [...]

Tuesday night's Season 6 finale of The Flash saw the full realization of what may be The CW series' most chilling and intriguing villain to date when Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor) unleashed her full plan to take down her husband Joseph Carver (Eric Nenninger) and went full Mirror Mistress in the process. However, even though Eva's success against Joseph was indeed assured, her story isn't over just yet. According to The Flash series showrunner Eric Wallace, there's more to Eva's story to come in Season 7 and it sounds like Eva's triumph may end up being a real problem for the Arrowverse's latest villain.

Speaking with TVLine, Wallace hinted that something is not quite right with Eva despite having gotten everything she wanted: her husband dead, her company back, and her freedom from the Mirrorverse.

"Look at her behavior at the press conference," Wallace hinted. "There's a huge clue there -- a huge one -- that all is not well with Eva."

The clue Wallace is referring to was Eva's "itching". The scratching was something that viewers saw Eva doing quite a bit of while trapped in the Mirrorverse as well as have seen happening to Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) as well and while it was easy to initially dismiss it as being a product of the neural dissonance and other issues connected to being in the Mirrorverse, it seems there's more to it than that. The time in the Mirrorverse may very well have deeply changed Eva in ways that push her well past her original "mission".

"Oh, it's going to need a lot more than that," Wallace said when it was joked that the Mirrorverse might just need a good skin cream. "A whole lot more. Sometimes getting what you think you want only makes things worse, and that's exactly what's about to happen to Eva. And that will be the end of her story. When you've been obsessed with one thing for six years and you get it, what happens to you? Also, who did you become? Eva wants more than just killing her husband; she's out to save the world. So, we'll see how that ends up!"

Eva's plans to save the world is something that Dor told ahead of Tuesday's finale makes Eva seem like a hero on her own eyes in a way a bit different than perhaps most villains are created.

"I definitely do not think she is a villain and I love the way she's written because Eva is a hero in her own eyes for sure and even I think that maybe, hopefully, some of the viewers are on the fence on that because she has definitely been a person that wants to make the world a better place, and a scientist that has invested her life, her life's work was to kind of find ways, to find a parallel universe," Dor said. "Just to make the world a better place to find other worlds that are better ecologically, less population, just like different solutions that she could think of and her chip technology and everything was completely all towards that and she is just devastated that everything is ruined."

"So it's not only the regular kind of like, oh my ex is a douche, it is really also about her great plans and the way that they took a turn to the bad to be used as weapons and traded in black market," she continued. "And so, I definitely don't see her as a villain. She is vindictive and she has a lot of reasons, she's been stuck in mirror for six years and I think we can all relate right now to how that might make you always so upset and she just wants her life back."

What do you think? Hit us with your best theories on what's next for Eva next season on The Flash below.