The Simpsons Writers Have the Perfect Idea for Dwayne Johnson to Meet Lisa Simpson

The writers of The Simpsons already have the perfect idea for Dwayne Johnson to meet Lisa Simpson. [...]

The writers of The Simpsons already have the perfect idea for Dwayne Johnson to meet Lisa Simpson. Comic-Con at Home brought the entire creative team the chance to offer their pleas to The Rock. The entire effort was spearheaded by Lisa's voice actor, Yardley Smith. As soon as the floor was open for comments, she asked, "Can we please have an episode where Lisa Simpson befriends The Rock?" Everyone sitting at home got a kick out of that including the writers who have already begun spitballing such a concept. Director Mike Anderson playfully submitted that, "We could do an actual rock." Now, The Simpsons is no stranger to massive guest stars. Over the course of these 30+ seasons everyone from Michael Jackson to Meryl Streep has seen at least a little time in Springfield. But one man has managed not to get turned into a caricature of his on-screen persona. The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment could be coming sooner than you think.

Series writer Carolyn Omine actually provided some clarification about a possible story. "There is a story that we came up with, Lisa and The Rock, but we don't know yet," she explained. "We're still hoping The Rock will hear us. If anybody knows The Rock, tell him that we want that!" If you can count on social media for one thing, it's making sure celebrities hear about moments like this. You could make a pretty safe bet that The Rock already knows about this panel and what's been said.

Smith actually pointed out how much she's been pushing for this in recent years. "I've only been saying this was a great idea every time I do an interview for about the last two years," the star began. "They're like, 'So what guest star would you like to have on The Simpsons?' and I'm like, 'Well, I would like to have Dwayne Johnson. I would like him to befriend Lisa Simpson. Duh.'"

All of these recent crossovers have become a standard sight for Simpsons fans. Al Jean spoke to about how much further the show reaches now with Disney+.

"Well, ["The Force Awakens From Its Nap"] is just a little thing, this short. A three-minute thing that was a pleasure to do. But with Disney+ we seem to have found yet another audience. There's a hundred million subscribers on it and every time I look, we seem to be one of the top two or three trending titles. So when you have that audience, that incredible base of loyal fans, you get to do really cool things for a long time. So it's been way longer than I ever expected and it's no end in sight. So it's great to have a job where you get to do this stuff and you don't have to explain yourself and everybody knows what the Simpsons is."

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