The Vampire Diaries: Ian Somerhalder Addresses Possibility of Revival

Tonight on Legacies, there was plenty of love thrown in the direction of The Vampire Diaries, including an appearance by Candice King, who played Caroline Forbes on the original series. But what are the odds that fans might actually get more of The Vampire Diaries, rather than just continually heading back into the world with new angles from the show's spinoffs? That's what recent rumors have suggested, but original series star Ian Somerhalder handwaved those rumors during a recnt visit to Radio Andy on SiriusXM. When asked about the rumors, Somerhalder mostly said that he was proud of what already existed, and didn't really know how a season nine would work.

"I have not heard anything about a season nine," Somerhalder said, joking that the characters would all be too old to come back, with gray hair and canes.

He continued, "Listen, it ran a great course, and now it's still living. That's what's so amazing; it's still living."

You can hear him talk about it below.

Tonight on Legacies, "Salvatore: The Musical" related the history of how the Salvatore School came to be founded is explored which includes going all the way back to The Vampire Diaries and the love triangle between brothers Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert.


Originally intended for Season 2 of the series before series production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the episode is now part of Season 3, as Legacies joins series like The Flash and Riverdale in finishing up last season's plot threads in this year's shows.

Earlier this week, The CW announced that Legacies would return for a fourth season in the 2021-22 TV season, along with renewals for The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Riverdale , Dynasty, All American, Charmed, Legacies, Roswell, New Mexico, and In the Dark. At the same time, the network bought additional season one episodes for Superman & Lois and the Jared Padalecki-starring Walker.