The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Grossed Out His Co-Star During “Disgusting” Zombie Scene

A second season episode of The Walking Dead had T-Dog actor IronE Singleton gagging over a [...]

A second season episode of The Walking Dead had T-Dog actor IronE Singleton gagging over a "disgusting" zombie and a remark from Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus. In Season 2 episode 4, "Cherokee Rose," the Atlanta survivors who have relocated to the Greene family farm come across a revolting discovery: a bloated zombie trapped at the bottom of one of the farm's wells. Fearing the Well Walker could contaminate the water, Glenn (Steven Yeun) is roped into acting as live bait while T-Dog, Shane (Jon Bernthal), Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), Andrea (Laurie Holden), and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) attempt to pull the distended corpse out alive — so to speak — but the walker spills its guts when the survivors accidentally split it in half.

"That thing was so nasty," Singleton recalled during a virtual appearance at Wizard World, where he was reunited with former co-star Emma Bell. "I was gagging because we were out in a dirt field and there was a lot of dust being kicked up after every take, and then that mixed with the fact that this zombie was so disgusting."

Singleton's disgust worsened when he recalled a quip about his sausage breakfast from Reedus, who asked, "'What is that? Poop?'"

"So I had those two images in my head along with all this dust coming up," Singleton said. "And Billy [Gierhart], who was our director on that show, he walked over to me, and I couldn't stop gagging throughout the scene. He said, 'IronE, I like the gag, but let's try something else. Let's do it a little differently.' I was like, 'I can't help it, man! The dust is in my throat, I'm looking at this disgusting walker.'"

Singleton, who starred as T-Dog until his fan-favorite character died rescuing Carol (Melissa McBride) in The Walking Dead's third season, named the bloated Well Walker the "most hideous" zombie "throughout the entire series." Singleton continues to watch the show, now headed into its eleventh season.

A notorious prankster who engaged in a famed prank war with Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln, Reedus grossed out another one of his co-stars when he and Lincoln bombarded Bernthal's trailer with crickets during production on another Season 2 episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead will air its Season 10 finale, "A Certain Doom," as a special episode on AMC later this year.

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