Andrew Lincoln Just Won 'The Walking Dead' Prank War

The prank war between The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus rages on but the former might have just put up a win.

Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on AMC's zombie show, wrapped Reedus' car in toilet paper. Daryl Dixon actor Reedus took to Instagram to show his co-stars good work with a caption, "Ahem. Andy Lincoln strikes again."

Check out Reedus' Instagram post below.

Ahem. Andy lincoln strikes again ☠️

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The prank war between Lincoln and Reedus has raged on for years. Reedus has filled Lincoln's trailer on set with chickens and his car's air conditioner with glitter. Lincoln has countered by pouring glitter on Reedus on stage at San Diego Comic Con. This time around, he seems to be striking just in time to make a grand exit from The Walking Dead's production.

Ahead of the Season Eight premiere, Reedus shared his proudest prank on Lincoln with "My very favorite one was Japan," Reedus said. "That was my ultimate favorite. I don't know if he'll ever know this story, but we go to Japan for a press junket and we're so jet lagged and there's just a full room full of Japanese interviewers and he goes, 'You speak Japanese right?'"

First mistake, Lincoln.

"And I go, 'A little bit.' And he's like, 'How do I say, 'Thank you for having me in your country?''" Reedus said. As the story goes, he slings out a Japanese phrase to Lincoln in response. "He sort of repeats it a couple times," Reedus goes on. "Then before he starts, 'Wait, I just want to say one thing...' and he says it with such passion."

Then comes the shocked reaction from the Japanese reporters. "They're all looking at him like, 'What the f---?'" Reedus said.

Immediately, Lincoln caught on to the ruse.


"He goes, 'What the fuck did I just say?'" Reedus explained. "And I said, 'You said, 'Where's the toilet?'' That was my favorite one. That's kinda what kicked it all off. There was a whole room full of people!"

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