These Arrow Stars Want to Guest on Legends of Tomorrow

The Arrowverse is a big place, and if your show ends, that doesn't necessarily mean your time in the universe is over. After the end of Arrow, there are plenty of characters who might find themselves momentarily "homeless," but there are options. Green Arrow and the Canaries, which centers on the exploits of Katherine McNamara's Mia Queen, may still go forward to series. Even if it doesn't, McNamara, Juliana Harkavy (Black Canary), and Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) could end up somewhere else. Harkavy, who recently participated in Creation Entertainment's Virtual Fan Experience along with Arrow co-stars like David Ramsey and Michael Rowe, says she wouldn't mind hanging out with the original Canary, Caity Lotz, on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

During interviews in support of their virtual convention appearances, we asked both Harkavy and Rowe about the potential for their characters to return to the Arrowverse in the coming season. Neither has any more insight than anybody else, given the production questions raised by the pandemic, but both would love to do it.

"Legends is one of my favorite shows in the Arrowverse and I would be so happy to be part of it in any way," Harkavy told "I love the show itself, and I love the people who are on the show. I think one of the great things about being in this world is that everything goes together so seamlessly and we already, we already fit together. We cross over together, our worlds interact, our characters interact. They're connected.
So if Canaries does or does not go forward, I still would like to be on The Waverider then."

Rowe's connection is less about the story and characters, and more about the cast, but he also feels like he might have some fun on Legends of Tomorrow.


"I've also had some pretty amazing adventures all over the world with Matt Ryan, who plays Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow. He is also my homie and I love that guy," Rowe said. "I've never seen Legends of Tomorrow, but that is the show that came out of the talks of, 'what is the next show going to be in the next show...' I knew that the talks were, it's going to be a gang of heroes and villains put together. I think the original idea was potentially a Suicide Squad show. That wasn't okayed, that wasn't green-lit by the powers that be, so it turned into Legends of Tomorrow, but that would be still a fantastic fit for a character like Deadshot if they ever decided to do so. I wish it was up to me, it's not, but I guess if the fans scream to see it, anything's possible. One thing I do know about those shows is they do have their ear to the ground on what the fans want."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will have its fifth season finale on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, following a new episode of DC's Stargirl.

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