'The Umbrella Academy' Trailer Released by Netflix

When it rains, it pours. Here's your FIRST LOOK at The Umbrella Academy. Coming to @netflix [...]

Netflix is no longer relying on Marvel for their superhero content, and their latest project sees the streaming giant giving life to Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's superhero epic The Umbrella Academy.

The series will feature Ellen Page in a prominent role, and now fans can check out the first trailer in the video above.

The Umbrella Academy is a cult favorite comic from Dark Horse, so the fact that it's taken this long to come to screens could be a shock for some fans. But Way, the former lead singer of My Chemical Romance, is confident in the story's journey to Netflix.

"Once it started and got greenlit then it all went fast. But the story of Umbrella Academy going from winning the Eisner, we got optioned by Universal right away," Way said at New York Comic Con. "There was a lot of meetings and I gave a lot of myself. It is so different than the book. The Netflix show is so different than the book. I can't micromanage that. In some ways I need to check out.

"So, during a lot of that time, I was working on a film and not working on a film that then never happened. And so in the two years that it took the show to come around, I just checked out even further and just worked on the book. My goal for the show is that they do the best they can, and do their thing, and the show is different because they need to for the screen. They have been faithful to the source material and they kept a lot of the weird ideas, and he embraces them."

Way teased that the series wouldn't directly translate the comic, but would instead embrace an ambiguous and timeless look.

"You don't know what year it is. Everyone is in the dark, Berlin look. The character that translated the best was Space Boy," Way said. "Sure he wears clothes in the show but not the comic, but he is still really big and really sad. You see him and you think, whoa, what is the deal with this guy. All the costumes have been great and they are channeling the right stuff, but it is way different than the book."

The Umbrella Academy premieres on Netflix on February 15, 2019.