Umbrella Academy Season 3 Premiere Title Hints at The Sparrow Academy's Members

The third season of The Umbrella Academy has officially been ordered by Netflix, and the show's [...]

The third season of The Umbrella Academy has officially been ordered by Netflix, and the show's writers wasted no time getting to work on the next batch of episodes. This update comes from series showrunner Steve Blackman who took to Instagram to post the title page for the season three premiere episode. The showrunner provided no other clues for the episode or the upcoming season but captioned the image "Who's excited for season 3?" and included the hashtag "#301." Co-written by Blackman and Michelle Lovrett, the episode is officially titled "Meet the Family" and seemingly alludes to picking up where the second season left off.

As fans recall, not only did The Umbrella Academy make it out of Dallas and the 1960s alive, but when they returned to what they thought was the present they arrived in a world totally new to them. Not only was their father Sir Reginald Hargreeves still alive, but so was their long departed Ben, though sporting a very different look. The episode concluded with them learning this wasn't The Umbrella Academy, but The Sparrow Academy, an all-new super powered group consisting of unique members.

As fans of the comic series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá will know, The Sparrow Academy (in addition to being the title of the upcoming fourth volume) was introduced at the end of Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion, featuring their own "Number One" who also appears to have super strength powers. Other characters that are seen in the pages of the comic is a character that can transform into crows, one that has the power of being a human Voodoo doll, and a sentient, floating green cube (who can be seen in the TV series).

The title for the season three premiere seem to imply we'll learn much more about this new family, but as Blackman previously told in an exclusive interview it's not their goal to ever surpass the comics as they now navigate being in Game of Thrones territory.

"First of all, I am very close with Gerard and Gabriel, so I pitch them the season before I do it, let them know what I'm doing," Blackman said. "They're very kind and they're pitching me where they're going in the next volumes, and you know, the two mediums are sort of crossing over now, sometimes they're looking at something I do and say, we should put that in the graphic novel, and they're saying, well, why don't you do this in the show. We accept they're sort of different things, but we love any times we can find these crossovers. But I have a good sense of where they're going, I have an idea of where I want to go, and we're sort of working together to get to that happy place. But I don't want to get ahead of them. I love what they do. So hopefully if it times out, it never will."

Production on season three of The Umbrella Academy is scheduled to begin in the first party of 2021 but with no clear indication of when it will premiere on Netflix.