Umbrella Academy Season 3 Trailer Released by Netflix

With just over a month before The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix for its third season, the streamer has finally revealed the full trailer for the new episodes which you can find in the player below! The full trailer offers us a lot of clues about the new season and its plot. Having left off on the cliffhanger of "The Sparrow Academy" and the return of their sibling Ben, the trailer reveals that when they arrived in 2019 they created a time paradox and a a result a "Kugelblitz" has been created, which will, you guessed it, end the world if nothing is done. Naturally the trailer for the new season also includes a tease of one character's return and a great song that will have you tapping your toes. Check it out in the player below.

What's most interesting about this new season of The Umbrella Academy though is that it is now firmly in a place where it has exceeded beyond the plot of the comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá (potential spoilers for the comics follow!). Volume 3 of the series matched the conclusion of season two of the show, meaning readers will see the showdown between the Umbrella Academy and the Sparrow Academy in live-action before they can read it in print. Speaking previously in an interview with, series showrunner Steve Blackman addressed the possibility that this might happen, revealing that though the show and the comics will share a DNA they're entirely their own beasts, and seemingly have their own ideas for conclusions in mind.

"First of all, I am very close with Gerard and Gabriel, so I pitch them the season before I do it, let them know what I'm doing," Blackman said back in 2020. "They're very kind and they're pitching me where they're going in the next volumes, and you know, the two mediums are sort of crossing over now, sometimes they're looking at something I do and say, we should put that in the graphic novel, and they're saying, well, why don't you do this in the show. We accept they're sort of different things, but we love any times we can find these crossovers. But I have a good sense of where they're going, I have an idea of where I want to go, and we're sort of working together to get to that happy place. But I don't want to get ahead of them. I love what they do. So hopefully if it times out, it never will."  

Returning to lead the cast are Elliot Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, Justin H. Min, and Colm Feore. Set to appear as The Sparrow Academy are newcomers Justin Cornwell (Training Day) as Marcus, Britne Oldford (Free Guy) as Fei, Jake Epstein (Designated Survivor) as Alphonso, Genesis Rodriguez (Big Hero 6) as Sloane, and Cazzie David (Eighty-Sixed) as Jayme.

The Umbrella Academy season three premieres on June 22, almost two years after its second season debuted on the service. Netflix's official description for the new seasons reads as follows:

After putting a stop to 1963's doomsday, the Umbrella Academy return home to the present, convinced they prevented the initial apocalypse and fixed this godforsaken timeline once and for all. But after a brief moment of celebration, they realize things aren't exactly (okay, not at all) how they left them. Enter the Sparrow Academy. Smart, stylish, and about as warm as a sea of icebergs, the Sparrows immediately clash with the Umbrellas in a violent face-off that turns out to be the least of everyone's concerns. Navigating challenges, losses, and surprises of their own – and dealing with an unidentified destructive entity wreaking havoc in the Universe (something they may have caused) — now all they need to do is convince Dad's new and possibly better family to help them put right what their arrival made wrong. Will they find a way back to their pre-apocalyptic lives? Or is this new world about to reveal more than just a hiccup in the timeline? 

(Photo: NETFLIX)