WandaVision: Who Are Wanda and Vision's Kids?

WandaVision Episode 3 blew the door wide-open on the mystery of what is happening in this faux TV [...]

WandaVision Episode 3 blew the door wide-open on the mystery of what is happening in this faux TV sitcom reality. (Spoilers Follow) Wanda Maximoff gave birth to two twin boys, after spontaneously getting pregnant just hours earlier. The two baby boys were named Billy and Tommy by Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany); but the babies aren't just some random reference to an old TV sitcom story trope. Billy and Tommy Maximoff are actual characters that have a long and pivotal history within Marvel Comics history, which helps tie together the worlds of the Avengers and X-Men in ways that could be equally pivotal for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So who are Wanda and Vision's kids? Allow us to breakdown the Marvel Comics history you need to know:

In the comics, Billy and Tommy Maximoff are created the same way that WandaVision introduces them: Wanda/Scarlet Witch uses her powers to will them into existence, in order to give herself a false life with Vision. It's later revealed that Billy and Tommy were actually made by Wanda using slivers of the soul of Marvel's devil, Mephisto; the demonic villain eventually reclaims those shards of his soul, effectively killing Billy and Tommy. Wanda's mind had to be wiped to make her forget she ever created her sons, and spare the world the danger of her grief.

Marvel later retconned the story of Wanda's faux twins in the 2000s. It was revealed that the power Wanda put into the shards of Mephisto used to make her sons was strong enough to overcome the devil from the inside. Mephisto was destroyed, and Billy and Tommy's souls were reborn into the Marvel Universe, under new identities.

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Billy and Tommy each grew up living separate lives as "William Kaplan" and "Thomas Shepherd," with two different sets of parents. The two boys eventually develop superpowers in their teens that are clearly from the Maximoff bloodline. Billy becomes a reality-warping mystic like Wanda, operating under the hero name Wiccan. Tommy becomes a super-speedster like Wanda's brother Quicksilver, going by the name of Speed.

Wiccan is one of the first recruits into the Young Avengers team, which is created by Iron Lad - who is the young version of the MCU's new big bad, Kang the Conqueror. Iron Lad comes from the future to recruit heroes like Wiccan to stop Kang, his older self, and The Young Avengers are born. The team later recruits Tommy without knowing who he truly is; Wiccan and Speed eventually learn of their family connection and are able to reconnect with Wanda.

Both of Wanda of Vision's sons have grown to be popular characters in Marvel lore, with Wiccan gaining iconic status as one of Marvel's biggest young LGBTQ+ characters. As of late, Wiccan's husband, Hulkling, has become Emperor of the Kree/Skrull Alliance, with Wiccan serving as court wizard.

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