How WandaVision Is Setting Up The MCU's Young Avengers

WandaVision may be too slow of a burn for some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans' liking, but that [...]

WandaVision may be too slow of a burn for some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans' liking, but that doesn't mean the shown isn't doing the hard work of setting Marvel fans up for an exciting future. WandaVision's first run of episodes (1-3 at the time of writing this) have offered plenty of clues as to what's going on behind the faux sitcom facade. Some eagle-eyed Marvel fans have begun piecing together clues that seem to all point to one destination: the rise of the Young Avengers team in Phase 4 of the MCU. Here are the ways that WandaVision has been setting up the Young Avengers franchise in the MCU.

Warning: WandaVision SPOILERS Follow (Episodes 1 -3)

WandaVision episode 3 certainly got Marvel fans buzzing in a big way. The third episode saw Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) give birth to some baby twins, Billy and Tommy. Those names are no coincidence, as Billy and Tommy Maximoff were Marvel Comics characters, who grew up to be superheroes, and joined a team called (you guessed it) the Young Avengers.

In the comics, Billy and Tommy were created much the same way that WandaVision introduces them: Wanda uses her powers to will them into existence. However, it was later revealed that Billy and Tommy were made out of slivers of the soul of Marvel's devil Mephisto, and the demonic villain eventually reclaimed those pieces of himself, for himself, while Wanda's mind was wiped to make her forget she ever created them.

Marvel later retconned that classic story with the reveal the power Wanda put into the shards of Mephisto destroyed the devil and allowed her sons to be reborn into the Marvel Universe, under new identities. Billy and Tommy each grew up living separate lives, with two different parents. The two boys eventually develop superpowers: Billy becomes a reality-warping mystic like Wanda, operating under the hero name Wiccan. Tommy becomes a super-speedster like Wanda's brother Quicksilver, under the name Speed. Wiccan is one of the first Young Avengers recruited by Iron Lad (the young version of Kang the Conqueror) to team-up and defeat his older self. The Young Avengers later recruit Tommy to the team, and eventually, he and Billy learn of their connection and reconnect with Wanda.

WandaVision Young Avengers Connections MCU

So here we are: WandaVision has already dropped hints about Mephisto being involved; now Billy and Tommy have been born into the series. Of the many Vision/Scarlet Witch stories WandaVision seems to be adapting, the Wiccan and Speed angle is an obvious one.

WandaVision has also introduced Monica Rambeau as "Geraldine," the mysterious neighbor that knew about Wanda's dark history with Ultron (and paid the price). Monica is the superhero Photon/Pulsar/Spectrum in the comics, and while she hasn't been a member of the Young Avengers in the comics, she easily could be in the MCU.

We keep breaking down how Young Avengers is taking shape in Phase 4 of the MCU and the evidence keeps growing. Wiccan and Speed are now on the table; Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop will debut in the Hawkeye Disney+ series; America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) and Cassie Lang (Kathryn Newton); while Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani) is also on the table. Kang The Conqueror has already been cast (Jonathan Majors) so the MCU Young Avengers team already has its big bad.

Young Avengers is coming together, and WandaVision is the first to really get the ball rolling. Pay close attention in the coming weeks.