WandaVision Star Elizabeth Olsen Says You Won't Know "If There's a Villain At All"

There have been three episodes of Marvel's WandaVision released on Disney+ so far, and fans are no [...]

There have been three episodes of Marvel's WandaVision released on Disney+ so far, and fans are no closer to finding out who is behind the mysterious town of Westview. There have been rumors of Mephisto pulling all the strings behind the operation, or Scarlet Witch potentially being the show's actual villain. But what if there actually isn't any villain at all? According to star Elizabeth Olsen, the series is designed to seem like there may not be any real villain, only people making decisions to do what they think is right.

This lines up perfectly with what it seems like Wanda is going through on the show. She's trying to protect her life and her new family, which is ultimately what causes her to throw Geraldine (aka Monica Rambeau) out of their reality. During a recent interview with Elle, Olsen explained that, like everyone else on the show, Wanda probably won't fall into the "villain" category.

"Someone said to me when you watch any of these hero movies, you know when the villain's about to show themselves, and you also have an idea of who the villain is. With our show, you don't know what the villain is, or if there is one at all," Olsen said. "Wanda is trying to protect everything in her bubble, protect what she and Vision have and this experience. I think everything she does is in response to keeping things together."

We may not ever see a full-on villain in WandaVision, but many of the show's biggest mysteries will be explained by the time the series comes to a close. Questions like "Where is Westview, actually?" and "Why are they emulating classic sitcoms?" will be answered in due time.

"The reason it's a sitcom shows itself later in the show," Olsen said. "When Kevin [Feige] told me, it didn't feel so bizarre. It felt like a great way to start our story."

For now, we're just going to have to keep getting a little more confused on Friday mornings, until WandaVision begins providing answers to the questions it has already established. Judging by the first three episodes, however, that may take a little while.

What do you think of WandaVision so far? Do you think there is a real villain lurking in the shadows? Let us know in the comments!

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