WandaVision Drops First Hint That Scarlet Witch Is the Real Villain

The latest episode of WandaVision has hit Disney+ and is finally giving Marvel fans a peek behind [...]

The latest episode of WandaVision has hit Disney+ and is finally giving Marvel fans a peek behind the curtain, teasing what's actually going on with Scarlet Witch and Vision in their idyllic friendly neighborhood. It looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is making a sinister change to Wanda, as Episode 3 of the series dropped a major hint that she could indeed be the villain of the series. But is there more to this than meets the eye? Judging by how WandaVision has progressed thus far, that will likely be the case as we learn more about Vision's resurrection and his relationship with Wanda.

Warning: Spoilers for WandaVision Episode 3 below.

Fans notably questioned Wanda's influence on the town of Westview, especially after she seemingly turned back time when she and Vision discovered the strange beekeeper crawling out of the sewer at the end of Episode 2. We don't get an answer to that mystery just yet, but we do see another instance of Wanda potentially manipulating the world around her — and Vision himself.

Toward the end of Episode 3 amid the chaos of Wanda going into labor and delivering their babies, Vision notices multiple strange instances with the doctor who assists in the births as well as with their neighbors. When he attempts to speak about his concerns with Wanda, she appears to be taken aback before the episode quickly jumps back in time a few moments. The scene then plays out once again, but Vision is much more like the cliché sitcom dad that he's been portrayed as through much of the series thus far.

Instead of expressing concerns about the town of Westview like he did previously, Vision consoles Wanda and tells her that they will get through this experience together. Wanda appears to be much happier with this reaction, and Vision doesn't appear concerned that Geraldine mysteriously disappeared from their home.

So what happened with Geraldine AKA Monica Rambeau? Well, Wanda seemingly blasted her out of their home and their bubble reality.

After assisting in the birth of the kids, Wanda confides to Monica that she had a brother named Pietro. This revelation seems to jog some of Monica's memories and she asks if he was killed by Ultron, as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Monica seems to immediately realize she screwed up and shook Wanda from this paradise, as Wanda then interrogates her about how she knows about Ultron and who "Geraldine" really is. When Wanda recognizes the SWORD logo on a pendant around Monica's next, a sinister look comes across her face as the scene cuts.

The episode then closes with Geraldine, blasted out of the bubble and landing on the military perimeter surrounding the town of Westview. As helicopters and black SUVs swarm her position, the credits hit with Monica Rambeau now on the outskirts of Westview.

We'll likely find out what Wanda's role in this strange reality is and whether or not she's being influenced by another malevolent force. But for now, the Scarlet Witch seems to be the source of many of the troubles in WandaVision.

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