WandaVision: Shark Commercial Has a Connection to Quicksilver That Could Reveal He's the Villain

The latest episode of WandaVision gave fans a look at the most bizarre in-universe commercial yet [...]

The latest episode of WandaVision gave fans a look at the most bizarre in-universe commercial yet — showing a shark jumping out of the ocean with a container of deadly yogurt. The advert is completely grim all around, as a kid happens to be the one stranded on the island, and is the one hoping to receive enough sustenance from the yogurt. Only he couldn't get it open, and withered away from us in front of our very eyes — rotten down to his skeleton in a matter of seconds.

As Daily Distraction host Chris Killian points out, there are a few connections between the shark and Quicksilver (Evan Peters) that may be more than just a little coincidental. Maybe even sinister, perhaps?

Coincidentally enough, both Quicksilver and the shark manage to say "little dude" at different points in the show — each carrying a certain sense of "The Dude" vibes. Better yet, the shark just so happens to be the same colors as Quicksilver's iconic suit.

What's interesting here is that the shark specifically points out he's eaten some of the Yo-Magic yogurt being hawked in the commercial. Even then, he lets the kid die just because he isn't able to open it up. Worse yet, the commercial ends with an ominous tagline suggesting Yo-Magic Yogurt is only for survivors.

The shark undeniably admits to snacking on the "magical" yogurt, and as revealed in WandaVision, Pietro most certainly knows more about WandaWorld than most other characters involved. Because of that, perhaps the commercial is the one thing that reveals Pietro is the puppetmaster behind this all.

Connecting imaginary dots, sure. But hey, we want to see Mephisto or Nightmare pop up in this thing too.

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