WandaVision Showrunner Jac Schaeffer Speaks Out on Quicksilver's Involvement

WandaVision has Marvel fans wondering if Quicksilver will be making a (re-)appearance in the [...]

WandaVision has Marvel fans wondering if Quicksilver will be making a (re-)appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, via the Disney+ series. There are a lot of fan theories about how WandaVision could bring Quicksilver back (and which actor could do it), but showrunner Jac Schaeffer isn't letting anything slip. When asked directly about just how much Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver will play into upcoming episodes of WandaVision, Schaeffer would only say that, "It's so hard to answer these questions. They're very good questions. But again, it's about Wanda's internal life and what her experience is and what her feelings are. That's what we're going to explore."

There are currently several good theories about how WandaVision could feature Quicksilver in an upcoming episode:

The first theory is that key figures from Wanda's past (like Ultron) will be resurrected inside the faux sitcom reality she has created. That would allow MCU actors like Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver) and/or James Spader (Ultron) to show as their normal (human) selves to play Wanda's brother and/or Vision's dad, in a riff on sitcom episodes about family visits. The fact that there's so much trauma and pain within the surrogate family of the Maximoffs, Vision, and Ultron would serve as great dramatic-horror subtext, in a nice epilogue to Age of Ultron's events.

The second theory is that WandaVision will pull some kind of reality-bending twist to bring back Quicksilver in a different form, with X-Men movies actor Evan Peters bringing his "Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver" character to the MCU. Evan Peters has been rumored for WandaVision since the show was filming last year, and it would be a fantastic twist. Marvel Studios is looking to bring the X-Men into the MCU, and already have Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool as one connective threat between Fox's X-Men and the MCU. Evan Peters showing up in WandaVision would be the first official hint of the X-Men in the MCU, and could still be done in a way that doesn't derail the show. WandaVision's faux commercials have been turning pieces of Wanda's traumatic past into fun Easter Eggs; Evan Peters showing up in one as a faux version of Quicksilver would be perfect.

WandaVision Quicksilver Pietro Cameo Spoilers Jac Schaeffer

As for why Pietro is so important for the thematic arc of WandaVision's story: Schaeffer tells ET that Quicksilver is key to painting an emotionally-honest portrait of the woman that is Scarlet Witch:

"So, my approach with Wanda was to look at the entirety of the woman, right? All of herself and all of her experiences and all of her trauma, and losing Pietro is a big part of that and having been a twin is a big part of that. As far as the placement of it, that was a lot of the work in the writers' room, was when do we have these moments? When do we reveal things? When do we delve into authenticity? Because the sitcom stuff, there's the patina of the happy, false environment and the happy, false self a little bit, so it made sense to me in that moment for her to have some emotional honesty."

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