WandaVision Episode 4 Easter Egg Teases Marvel’s Secret Invasion

While many Marvel fans thought that the live-action adaptation of the Secret Invasion comics could [...]

While many Marvel fans thought that the live-action adaptation of the Secret Invasion comics could be the next big team-up event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige and the folks at Marvel Studios surprised everyone by announcing that a Secret Invasion TV show was in the works, with Samuel L. Jackson starring as Nick Fury. This is obviously exciting, but now comes the question of how Secret Invasion will actually work in the MCU, given that the shape-shifting Skrulls actually became Earth's allies during Captain Marvel. We don't know just how yet how things will play out, but the latest episode of WandaVision began planting the seeds with a very subtle Easter egg.

Throughout the episode, Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis are leading a team to try and and crack the code of the sitcoms broadcasting from Westview. Woo keeps writing on a whiteboard with theories and questions, just trying to brainstorm anything that could explain the anomaly. One of the headings on that board reads, "What Is Behind This?" which leads to the potential Secret Invasion setup.

The only option that Woo has under that heading, at least so far, is "Extraterrestrials (Skrulls)?" Something strange is going on, missing people are popping up in an alternate sitcom reality, and the only potential threat anyone can come up with is the Skrulls. That actually sets up the Secret Invasion storyline pretty perfectly, giving the classic comics a slight twist.

We know the Skrulls aren't bad in the modern day MCU. Talos and a bunch of other Skrulls were helping Nick Fury after the blip, as seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home. But it seems like the people of Earth don't really know that yet. They clearly see Skrulls as a potential threat.

This could establish a type of Cold War scenario in the MCU, one fueled by mass hysteria and misinformation, which would be an incredibly relevant way to take the story. Fearmongers like J. Jonah Jameson will convince people that their neighbors might be Skrulls, and that they would put the lives of other people at risk. All the while, the Skrulls aren't actually any kind of threat, but they would be feared and hunted for who they are.

That's obviously just a theory about how Secret Invasion could work given what we know, and there's a good chance none of that comes to fruition. But we do know that the Secret Invasion is happening sometime, and WandaVision is doing its part to get the ball rolling.

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