WandaVision Star Has Hilarious Response for Fans Demanding Finale Spoilers

Whatever you do, don't ask the WandaVision cast about spoilers for the impending season finale. Now just one week away, those involved with the show are being slammed with questions and demands through social media, prompting series star Asif Ali to release the perfect video through his TikTok Account. In it, Ali jokingly yells at WandaVision followers of his demanding he releases spoilers ahead of Episode 9.

"You're trying to get me fired? You know how expensive it is to live in LA?" Ali says in his video, which is now beginning to go viral. "If you look at a Whole Foods, it costs 28 dollars. You're gonna pay for my plastic surgery, huh? I got an ass job and it looks tremendous!"

Even though we know next to nothing about the finale, WandaVision star Kat Dennings previously said the series will have a massive payoff at the end.

"It's so rare now to not be given every answer, right? Because usually we have our shows and you can just watch everything. And that's the cool thing about what Disney+ is doing with these, is you do have to wait, and I think there's something so rewarding and fun about that," Dennings previously told ET Canada. "It's almost like you're having this shared experience. Back when I was young, you had to wait until 7:30 on Tuesday to watch your show that you wanted to watch. There was no way to know in advance."

Dennings added, "So while it's frustrating, and I know people want answers, I think there's something really fun to a mystery and to trying to figure it out and looking into theories and stuff. I think it's just a uniting, fun experience for the audience. I know it's tempting to look at spoilers, but don't! Don't ruin the magic for yourselves."

The first eight episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.


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