WandaVision Fan Notices Vision Tribute in Scarlet Witch Costume

The WandaVision finale finally revealed Wanda in her full Scarlet Witch form, giving her a clearer [...]

The WandaVision finale finally revealed Wanda in her full Scarlet Witch form, giving her a clearer explanation of her powers but also her hero name from the comics in the MCU. It also gave her a new costume to go along with her official title, and it's easily one of the cooler looks in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. It doesn't just look slick though, as one fan noticed that part of her costume also acts as a touching tribute to her fallen love Vision, and you wouldn't be blamed for missing it. The tribute can be found towards the top of her costume near the neckline, which you can see below (via hailcaptainb2).

As you can see, the upper area features some cutouts, and the center one has a different shape from the other two. In the image, you can see the comparison to Vision's Mind Stone, the one that used to be in his forehead, and they are quite similar.

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Since Wanda conjured up this costume in the final battle when she knew she would have to take down this fake world she'd built, it makes sense she would be just a touch of Vision into the design, and this is a low-key but meaningful way to honor him.

"In the loving memory of Vision ,Wanda has kept a Mind Stone Shape Design in her Scarlet Witch Costume near her neck. Mind Stone was played crucial part in bringing vision to life and enhancing Wanda's Power ."

Granted, those who say the finale also know that there's now a White Vision running around, one who had his memories fully unlocked by Wanda's Vision. This Vision seems to retain all the memories from the previous Vision, but we just aren't sure if all the attachments and feelings associated with those memories are there just yet.

That is a thread from the comics, and that could very well be explored at a later time in the MCU as well, but all we know is once he had his memory banks fully accessed he jetted off with an "I am Vision". It's a good ending line to be fair, so nice exit.

As for Scarlet Witch, we'll see her next in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is slated to hit theaters on March 25th, 2022.