Westworld Star Ed Harris Isn't a Big Fan of His Season 3 Storyline

The third season of Westworld is currently in full swing, and the latest episode, 'Decoherence,' [...]

The third season of Westworld is currently in full swing, and the latest episode, "Decoherence," saw some big surprises. There was also a big emphasis on Ed Harris' character, William, who was confronted with multiple versions of himself ranging from him as a child to the Man in Black character he becomes when he's in the Westworld park. The episode also saw the season's first appearance by Jimmi Simpson, who was revealed to be a young version of Harris' character at the end of the show's first season. Recently, Harris gave an interview with Vulture about the series and talked about the latest episode. Unfortunately, the actor revealed that he's not a big fan of his current arc on the series.

"In this episode, William's treatment includes what looks like Clockwork Orange-style torture of you being strapped down and manhandled. What was it like filming that?," Vulture asked. "You do what you gotta do. I mean, I signed on to play the Man in Black. I didn't sign on to play the Man in White. So it wasn't the most joyous season for me, I gotta say," Harris replied.

"The character has gone to such a dark place, it must be hard to embody," Vulture added. "It's not so hard to embody, but it's hard to feel like something I'm really enjoying doing," Harris revealed.

"The show has preserved the mystery of whether William could be a host, and this episode doesn't definitely resolve it. Is that something Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have told you definitively?," Vulture asked. "They pretty much leave it up in the air. Being a person who enjoys doing theater and making it new and fresh every night, I'd just as soon know the full arc of my character. But, unfortunately, I do not," Harris answered.

It's a shame to learn Harris isn't enjoying the direction his character is taking on Westworld, especially since the latest episode's scene with all of the Williams was so compelling. Although, the actor did have some nice things to say about working with Simpson.

"What was it like choking out Jimmi Simpson?," Vulture wondered. Harris laughed and replied, "You know, I'm just playing a character. I'm just doing what the script tells me to do at the best of my ability. It is kinda fun beating up on him, and Jimmi's a cool guy. It was fun to actually get a chance to work with him a little bit, even if it was a little bizarre."

Westworld airs on HBO on Sundays at 9 PM EST.