Westworld Star Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why She Quit Social Media

Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood used to be very active on Twitter, but back in June, the actress abruptly quit the social media platform. At the time, fans were surprised about why the actress had decided to do as many other celebrities have by leaving Twitter, but now she's opening up about her reasons for ditching Twitter -- and calls it one of the best decisions that she's ever made.

Speaking with Variety, Wood explained that the impetus for her leaving Twitter was that her free expression of her opinions ended up making headlines -- something that she was concerned would detract from her work.

"And it would be like, 'Evan Rachel Wood goes on a rant!' or 'Evan Rachel Wood attacks this person!'" she said.

"Honestly, I think it's one of the best decisions I ever made!" she added. "Really."

Wood isn’t wrong. Some of her Twitter posts did make headlines – including a pretty wild reaction to Cats when it was released last year. That tweet, in which she noted that the film was "actually worse than I thought it would be", is one she deleted herself before taking her critique to Instagram where she elaborated on both an Instagram Story and a text-based post as well. Her clarification about her reason, though, should set to rest any suggestion that she might have been bullied off Twitter has as unfortunately happened to others.

While Wood has remained off Twitter, she hasn't abandoned social media altogether. The actress remains on Instagram where she's recently been promoting her new film Kajillionaire. She also continues to be outspoken about issues that matter to her and recently shared her thoughts about the controversy around Netflix's Cuties. She also utilized the platform to promote Westworld's third season and with the show renewed for a fourth, Wood explained to Variety that she's gone on a journey with her Westworld character Delores -- who appeared to have been killed during the Season 3 finale. While the character's fate -- along with that of Maeve (Thandie Newton) -- was left a bit of a question mark, it didn't look especially good. And while Wood said she thinks she'll be playing someone new in Season 4, Delores will continue to have an impact on her own life.


"I've been on such a journey with her. And it's influenced my own life and changed me as a person."

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