Who Is the Unfinished Host in the 'Westworld' Season 2 Trailer?

The trailer for the second season of Westworld debuted earlier this week - and one new theory [...]

The trailer for the second season of Westworld debuted earlier this week - and one new theory could turn one pivotal moment on its head.

Partway through the trailer, Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) can be seen being followed by an unfinished-looking host, with blank features and a generally unnerving stature. Plenty of people have begun to speculate - largely due to the sort of "dual timelines" situation the show has - if that host is a particularly noteworthy character.

But as Reddit user InkDagger recently posited, the host could be something else altogether - a sort of pawn for James Delos, the elusive creator of the Delos operation.

"The Hosts, being able to operate beyond human-death-causing injuries and imbuned with impossible strength of body and mind, would make an unkillable army." InkDagger writes. "If they're to be soldiers in an army, why even give them a face or clothes? They're tools. Not even human."

At the moment, it's just too early to tell who or what that host could be, but this theory would certainly be an interesting twist. If that did end up being true, it also would provide a heartbreaking twist to Bernard's story, considering his ties to the host co-creator, Arnold.

"This is what Delos wants." They continue. "This is also why Bernard is the one being (seemingly) killed or at least attacked by the Unfinished Host. Its symbolic. The Host-resurection of the man who loved and cared for the hosts so much, is instead killed by the deranged bastardization worst nightmare of what his creation could possibly become."

So could this host be part of something sinister? And could Bernard be put in jeopardy because of it? Westworld fans will just have to stay tuned - and probably keep speculating - to find out.

Westworld's second season will debut on April 22nd on HBO.