Y: The Last Man Cancelled by FX on Hulu

Y: The Last Man premiered on FX on Hulu last month, and there are still three episodes left to go of the first season. The show has been met with mixed reactions, currently standing on Rotten Tomatoes with a 73% critics score and 70% audience score. Clearly, the show wasn't getting the attention Hulu had hoped for, because showrunner Eliza Clark just took to Twitter to break the news that the series has been canceled by the streaming site.

"My statement on Y: THE LAST MAN and Season 2," Clark wrote. You can read her full statement in the post below:

Last month, Clark spoke with ComicBook.com and revealed her connection to the Y: The Last Man comics

"I don't know if this makes me seem lame or not, but Y: The Last Man was the first gift my husband ever gave me, when we were friends and we worked together," Clark shared. "I read it 10 years ago and, at that point, I was basically a writer's assistant. There was no world where I would be the person who got to adapt it, but I loved it and thought about what it would be like as the television show, basically from the minute I started reading it. So I loved the book and I want to honor the book and honor the characters and the stories and the world that Brian and Pia take us through in the book. But, at the same time, I also recognize that it was written 20 years ago and that there are ... I think lots of things have changed and lots of things have not changed."

She added, "For example, I think our show does a lot to update the idea that chromosomes don't equal destiny and do not equal gender. So our world is a much more gender-diverse world than the world of the book. I think that is just a richer environment to play with him, but lots of the gender inequality that existed in 2002 when Brian [K. Vaughn] wrote it, in workplaces still exists. I think I would say that fans of the book will see things they recognize and love, but just updated for the time we're living in."

Are you bummed Y: The Last Man has been canceled? Are you hoping the series will be picked up by another network or streaming service? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. 

Y: The Last Man's next episode is expected to drop on Hulu on October 18th.