Yellowjackets Season 2 Premiere Breaks Showtime Streaming Record

Yellowjackets is back and bigger than ever. The hit thriller series returned to Showtime this past weekend with its Season 2 premiere, debuting Friday on the network's streaming platform and airing Sunday night on the network itself. The combination of those opening weekend streaming numbers and the actual Sunday telecast gave Yellowjackets the biggest premiere episode in Showtime's history, surpassing Dexter: New Blood.

Across both platforms, the Yellowjackets Season 2 premiere racked up nearly 2 million viewers this weekend, cementing the series as a staple for Showtime going forward. The episode viewership rose 110% from the series premiere back in November 2021, and more than 40% from its Season 1 finale. The Yellowjackets hive grew considerably in the year between Season 1 and Season 2.

"Yellowjackets broke records as the most streamed Showtime debut ever thanks to Ashley, Bart, Jonathan and our extraordinary ensemble cast who brought season two to even greater heights," Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios & Paramount Media Networks, said in a statement. "By tapping into our proven strategy of promoting series across our full portfolio of brands at Paramount Media Networks, we successfully broadened the reach and brought new viewers into this incredible series that deftly combines psychological horror, dark comedy and coming-of-age drama."

More Yellowjackets Shows?

Now that Yellowjackets is clearly a major hit for Showtime, TV fans will be wondering if there is anything else in store for the franchise. Season 3 has already been ordered by the network, but there could also be potential spinoffs in the works, especially since Showtime is moving into the spinoff game with fellow hits Dexter and Billions.

Co-creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the potential for Yellowjackets spinoffs. With these types of shows clearly part of the new strategy for Showtime, the duo have obviously given it plenty of thought.

"We're aware that it's something they're interested in, and we certainly aren't closed off to the idea," Lyle said. "It would have to make sense. We have a couple of ideas."

New episodes of Yellowjackets Season 2 will be released on the Showtime streaming service on Fridays, with the episodes airing the following Sunday on the Showtime network.