Young Sheldon Bringing Back Big Bang Theory Star for Surprising Guest Spot

From its inception, Young Sheldon has delighted fans with its take on the world of The Big Bang Theory, offering a look into the origin of Sheldon Cooper. Across its seasons, the show has gone to some clever lengths to pay homage to the other characters of The Big Bang Theory, who Sheldon wouldn't go on to meet until adulthood — and it looks like an upcoming episode is no exception. TV Insider recently confirmed that Simon Helberg will be reprising his role as Howard Wolowitz via voiceover in the series' upcoming November 18th episode. Helberg will be the latest cast member to do so in voiceover, after Kaley Cuoco reprised her role as Penny and Mayim Bialik reprised her role as Amy.

The cameo in question will apparently dive into Howard's experience with engineering — and Sheldon's long-running disdain of it.

"We love being able to explore the origins of Sheldon Cooper every week on Young Sheldon," executive producer Steven Molaro said in a statement. "But it's always extra fun when we're able to incorporate Big Bang Theory Easter eggs into the storylines. Getting to work with Simon again to help explain Sheldon's long hatred of engineering was a dream come true. Jim and Simon - even in voiceover on Zoom - didn't miss a beat in their banter as Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz. Plus, this episode sees the return of Reba McEntire and introduces Lance Reddick as Sheldon's first engineering professor ­- it's absolutely one of our best episodes."

This is the latest instance of Young Sheldon organizing a TV reunion of sorts, with former Coach stars Craig T. Nelson and Bill Fagerbakke sharing the screen again in a recent episode of the series.

"It's been wonderful having Bill Fagerbakke come play with us," Molaro recently explained to TVLine. "Craig T. was thrilled to work with Bill again. When I touched base with Craig about it beforehand, he was immediately into it. Having watched them on Coach for so long, it was a treat to get to see them work together."

"Even though they are playing different characters, that chemistry is so natural," Molaro continued. "They happened to be playing two old friends, catching up in a bar - so some of that was happening in real life as well. Plus, getting to work with the voice of Patrick Star from SpongeBob is a huge bonus in my book."

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