Zack Snyder's Justice League Confirmed to be Four Part Experience

Last month during Justice Con, Zack Snyder told fans that there would be some big reveals about the upcoming Zack Snyder's Justice League during DC FanDome and among the burning questions is a pretty big one: whether the much-anticipated HBO Max release will be presented as a movie or as a limited series. Now, with FanDome finally here, that question has been definitively answered. Zack Snyder's Justice League will be a four part presentation, with each part being one hour each for a total of four hours.

Questions about how Zack Snyder's Justice League would be presented on HBO Max started almost immediately after it was revealed that the fan-demanded project would be heading to HBO Max and Snyder himself has previously indicated that his cut of Justice League could be quite substantial, even beyond the 214 minute runtime he teased at one point.

"I have famously teased the runtime at... 214 minutes... Now in its current state, it's going to end up being longer than that yet. So exciting to be bringing all this new material to the fans -- they get to see all these crazy and awesome new sequences, and I think that's going to be really exciting for everyone," Snyder said last month. Snyder had also previously confirmed that the assembly cut was nearly five hours long, making it clear that he has a lot of new footage and surprises in store for fans.

And fans got a small taste of that last month when Snyder shared the first official clip from his Justice League. The brief clip saw Superman (Henry Cavill) land at Bruce Wayne's compound to speak with Alfred (Jeremy Irons) -- with Superman wearing a black suit, much to fan delight.

Zack Snyder's Justice League is expected to hit HBO Max in 2021.


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