Watch: Zack Ryder Showcases Wrestling Figure Collection In New Feature

In the pro wrestling world, there's no bigger toy collector than Zack Ryder. The self proclaimed "Michael Jordan of wrestling figure collecting," Ryder (Matt Cardona) has become an icon in the collecting world. Alongside his long time friend Curt Hawkins (Brian Myers), the two started the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast which has grown into one of the most popular weekly podcasts in the industry.

Ryder's collecting was recently the subject of a feature by Yahoo. Producers went to Ryder's Florida home for a tour of his epic toy room and sat down for a brief interview. During the segment, Ryder talks about signing with WWE when he was 20 years old, how his collecting has evolved over time, and how the collecting community itself has changed over the years.

Check out the footage below.

Though they make up the bulk of his collection, wrestling figures aren't the only collectible toys that Ryder collects. Long-time followers of his podcast and YouTube page know very well that he also collects Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rocky, Ghostbusters, Funko Pops, and many others.

When asked how much he has spent on his collection over the years, Ryder said, "Over a million (dollars), for sure."

Ryder also spoke about his engagement to fellow wrestler Chelsea Green, using an Undertaker toy to hide her engagement ring when he proposed, as well as if he was open with her about his collecting when they first met.


In addition, Ryder closed the video with a pointed message to anyone who may criticize his favorite hobby, saying, “I’m collecting action figures, but I’m sitting in front of a case of my own action figures. So I can collect whatever the f*** I want!”

New episodes of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast drop every week on Friday. In addition, the show has a Patreon page for exclusive content not published to the regular podcast and YouTube page.

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