AEW's The Acclaimed Retain World Tag Team Titles on Rampage

Tonight's AEW Rampage kicked off with a Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the AEW World Tag Team Championships, and it would include Champions The Acclaimed, Private Party, and The Butcher and The Blade. The Butcher and The Blade looked in control for quite some time and were working together like a well-oiled machine, but Private Party would bring the fight and give The Acclaimed the opportunity to isolate The Blade and hit him with the Mic Drop, and after a pin from Bowens, The Acclaimed would retain their AEW World Tag Team Championships on Rampage

Bowens started in the ring against Kassidy, and they traded counters and reversals for a bit until they met face to face again and shook hands. Then Bowens got Kassidy in the corner and tagged in Caster, who stomped on Kassidy's leg and the back of his knee. He then hit a mean dropkick before taking a moment to taunt alongside Billy Gunn.

Caster then hit the neck breaker on Kassidy before Quen was in, but he was hit from up top by Bowens. Then Butcher and the Blade stormed in and knocked The Acclaimed out of the ring. Then they went after Private Party before Bowens was back in, though he was knocked down by a clothesline.

They slammed Bowens into their corner and kept him grounded by stomping on him and keeping him pinned against the turnbuckle. Then The Butter delivered a big chop before going for the pin but Bowns kicked out. Blade tagged in and knocked Bowens down again before hitting another clothesline. Caster got Blade's attention for a minute but then he was back on the attack, hitting a suplex and going for the pin, but Bowens kicked out.

Bowens started to fight back but ran into a powerslam and a pin attempt, though he kicked out. The Butcher tagged in and hit a Leg Drop before going for the pin but Bowens kicked out. Butcher hit heavy strikes and then tagged in The Blade, but Bowens delivered a killer combo of strikes to knock Blade down. Unfortunately, as Bowens crawled towards Caster The Butcher knocked him off the ring and prevented the tag. Quen tagged himself in and then hit a crossbody on Blade before hitting a moonsault on The Butcher.

Quen knocked The Blade down again and then tagged in Kassidy, who knocked Butcher off the ring and then hit a huge move on Blade before darting across the ring and knocking Butcher to the ground. Kassidy went up top and hit a Senton on Blade, but Caster broke up the pin attempt.

Caster sent Quen flying over the ropes to the floor and then Butcher knocked Caster out of the ring. Blade hit the Gutbuster and Bowens broke up a pin attempt, saving the match for the Champions. Kassidy evaded an attack and sent Butcher and Blade out of the ring before diving on top of the Butcher and the Blade. Caster went up top and landed on everybody outside of the ring.


Caster rolled Blade in to an active Bowens and they hit the Mic Drop and that got them the win, retaining their AEW World Tag Team Championships.

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