Watch: AEW Forbidden Door Sees Sting Make Flashy Entrance

AEW Forbidden Door has already had some big moments with its earliest matches, but it looks like one of the biggest members of All Elite Wrestling was set to make quite the entrance to start off the match that saw Sting, Darby Allin, and Los Ingobernables de Japon face off against El Phantasmo, Hikuleo, and The Young Bucks. With Sting currently being in his 60s, the superstar who made a name for himself over the decades as one of the greats made an entrance for the ages that started a wild match between the representatives from AEW and New Japan.

Sting has had a long and legendary career in countless wrestling organizations, with his most touted matches perhaps taking place within the WCW, aka World Championship Wrestling. When the company was eventually acquired by the WWE, Sting would continue his career, eventually finding his way to the AEW wherein he would mostly hang out with Darby and participate in a number of matches. With tonight's match, however, he was able to once again show his stuff and how he is still able to retain his years of experience into his 60s, making him a threat in the ring. 

The Official Twitter Account for AEW shared the amazing entrance from Sting to take his opponents by surprise, with the pro-wrestling legend and his allies claiming victory in the massive match:

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Sting had this to say about his current run with the AEW and some of the big names that he works with: 

"I never thought I'd be back here like this. I thought I was just going to disappear from wrestling, and I didn't like the thought of that. Then I came to AEW, and originally, we were just going to explore cinematic matches. And I got in the ring. I can still hear Cody [Rhodes] telling me about my kinetic energy and that I could wrestle a match. I was like, 'Ease up now, Cody.' Then I heard Darby say, 'Steve, you can do it.' This entire stretch, and now coming back to Greensboro, it has all been surreal. CM Punk, he's truly amazing to me. Hearing the crowd respond to him, it's made me turn back the clock and think of all the different memorable reactions over the years to different wrestlers. I've especially been thinking about The Road Warriors. Animal was really big on that. He would say, 'This guy got a huge pop, but it wasn't a Road Warrior pop.' That's what Punk gets."