AEW's Jack Perry and The Elite Take Out Tony Khan in Shocking End to Dynamite

Jack Perry is reinstated by AEW's Tony Khan, only for Perry and The Elite to attack Khan and knock him out

AEW Dynamite closed out an action-packed episode with an anticipated confrontation between Tony Khan and Jack Perry, and fans had no idea what to expect. It turns out neither did Khan, as by the end of the episode he would find himself knocked out by those he once trusted. After Perry made his return to Dynamite, he wanted to work with Khan on moving AEW forward and asked to be reinstated. Khan obliged and reinstated Perry, but that's when things went bad, as soon after he would find himself being punched by Perry and then knocked out by The Young Bucks to close out Dynamite. The Elite have made a statement to Khan and the fans of All Elite Wrestling, and things look to only get more volatile from here.

The crowd started chanting cry me a river as Perry entered the ring, and he started out by thanking them and saying how many great moments he's had in this building. "First thing's first, I want to say that I've had some of the best nights of my entire life here in Jacksonville," Perry said. "But tonight, we have business to handle. And I want to handle it right here, right now, face to face, with Tony Khan."

Khan came out to "we want scapegoat chants", and he met Perry face to face in the ring. "Man it's been a long road, almost 5 years ago was the very first Double or Nothing, and since then AEW has gone on to change the world. Now Tony, it's no secret we've had our ups and downs. We haven't always seen eye to eye, but I want to tell you right now, the only thing I have ever wanted is what's best for AEW. So I want to ask you to please shake my hand, reinstate me, and let's go on and continue to change the world together."

Khan shook Perry's hand and then Perry lifted Khan's hand up and Khan pointed to Perry. Things went downhill from there though, as Perry punched Khan in the stomach with the microphone. Then The Elite's Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, and Kazuchika Okada came out and confronted Perry for his attack on Khan. They checked on Khan and then The Bucks teased knocking out Khan but quickly changed course. Then they decided to change their minds again and hit a Meltzer Driver on Khan before standing tall in the ring.

Security came out to check on Khan as The Elite stood around and celebrated their statement. Eventually, they were driven from the ring by more medical personnel, and then more AEW stars came out of the locker room and headed to the ring to check on Khan. Even Khan's father Shahid Khan came to check on his son in the ring, and Khan didn't really move much as the show closed out.

We'll have to wait and see how Khan responds to all this when he finally comes to, and it's likely we'll see some sort of response on next week's episode of Dynamite. As for Perry, we'll likely see more of him too next week, especially now that he's reinstated and officially part of AEW once more.

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