Damage CTRL Helps IYO SKY Retain WWE Women's Title on SmackDown

IYO SKY gets some key help from Damage CTRL to retain her WWE Women's Title on SmackDown

Title gold was on the line during tonight's WWE SmackDown, as IYO SKY would defend her WWE Women's Championship for the first time since winning the Title at SummerSlam. SKY would defend it against the LWO's Zelina Vega, and both stars showcased their creativity and speed in the ring throughout the match. Vega was able to counter or evade some of SKY's key offense, and she had SKY ready for a pin at one point, but that's when Bayley and Dakota Kai helped out their teammate. They would help just enough to allow SKY to throw Vega into the steel steps, and that paved the way for a big win for SKY, retaining her Championship.

SKY and Vega locked up and exchanged holds and counters, and then Vega would knock the Champ against the ropes. SKY slammed Vega into the ropes next and then stomped on Vega's back before lifting her up and hitting her with a powerslam. SKY then went for the cover, but Vega kicked out.

SKY tried for another slam but Vega countered and kicked SKY. SKY got to her feet in time though and slammed Vega to the mat from the top rope, and then SKY locked in another hold. Vega got a knee to the stomach but managed to lock in a hold of her own. Vega moved out of the way of a SKY charge and then Vega slammed SKY face-first into the turnbuckle.

Vega took down SKY from the ropes and then hit a nasty leg sweep DDT. Vega then went up top and paid homage to Eddie Guerrero before hitting a Meteora on SKY. Vega went off the pin but SKY kicked out, and Vega would go for the cover two more times, but SKY kicked out each time. SKY then leaped off the ropes and hit a missile dropkick, knocking Vega to the mat.

Vega would reverse another move from SKY and send the Champion flying. Vega went for Code Red but SKY evaded it and picked up Vega into a powerbomb, but SKY fell the mat just as Vega did. SKY went up top but Vega caught her, and then Vega slammed SKY down, but before she could pin SKY, Bayley and Dakota Kai pulled her out of the ring.

Then Vega got slammed into the steel steps, and SKY was back on her feet in the ring, hitting the double knees on Vega in the corner. SKY went up top for the Over the Moonsault into a cover, and that was what she needed for the pin and the win. SKY retained her WWE Women's Championship.

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