Gable Steveson Teases Timetable For WWE Debut Match

WWE has new Olympic gold medalist on its roster. Following his standout showing at the most recent Olympic Games, WWE inked Gable Steveson to a multi-year contract. This deal was especially unique, as Steveson became the first WWE talent to sign a name, image, likeness agreement. That eventually sparked a full WWE NIL class, as the global leader in sports-entertainment signed dozens of collegiate athletes in hopes of turning them into WWE superstars after they graduate. While Steveson has been on WWE's books for almost two years now, the Olympian has yet to compete inside the squared circle.

That could be changing in the next couple of months. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Steveson teased that he expects to wrestle his first WWE match shortly after WWE WrestleMania 39.

"And when I mean really, really soon, probably after [WrestleMania] or just a little bit after that," Steveson said. "I think being able to understand that this game is different and it's a process and I'm going to follow the process the right way and just keep moving forward."

Steveson is no stranger to WrestleMania, as he got physical with Chad Gable at last year's event. Aside from that appearance, Steveson showed face when he was drafted to the Monday Night Raw roster in Fall 2021 and united with Kurt Angle during the WWE Hall of Famer's birthday celebration this past December on WWE SmackDown.

When it comes to what he wants to accomplish in WWE, Steveson emphasized that he is looking to conquer as strongly as the man who made that verb famous.

"I'm young and I'm hungry," Steveson continued. "I want to be the best in everything I can possibly be. Step one is WWE and go out there and be the most physical, athletic, and dominant wrestler since probably Brock Lesnar, maybe even more than that."

His goals extend beyond the squared circle as well. Steveson desires to return to the Olympics at the upcoming 2024 games, but noted that that is ultimately up to WWE.

"I think that's a discussion when that time comes and that's a discussion for how my schedule may play out, and you never know how it may play out," Steveson said. "As of right now, it's a yes or no, but at the end of the day, I will be ready to compete and put on a good show as always."