Gunther Addresses Potential Brock Lesnar Match at WWE WrestleMania 39

While WWE has yet to confirm any contests for WWE WrestleMania 39, a number of marquee matches have been rumored for April's Showcase of the Immortals. Aside from the bigger rumblings like Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. The Rock or John Cena vs. Logan Paul, a top WWE SmackDown star is reportedly set for a clash with the Beast Incarnate. WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther has been rumored to stand opposite Brock Lesnar at the Hollywood-based event, although it is unclear if the match would be for the Ring General's midcard gold.

Regardless of what comes of this potential heavyweight match-up, Gunther welcomes the challenge.

"Yeah, definitely," Gunther told Tim Battle & Eli on the Battleground Podcast. "To get the opportunity to prove myself in that scenario would be fantastic."

Facing Lesnar at the grandest stage of them all is a cherished spot in and of itself, but Gunther notes that there is a personal victory to possibly locking up with the conqueror.

"When I started as a wrestler and got back into wrestling, I always watched Brock's matches because they are fantastic, they stand out right away," Gunther continued. "There is nobody like him. I always like those characters. Most of the people doing this who are successful, there is no copy of them."

Beyond Lesnar's in-ring ability, Gunther praised the subtleties that he interweaves into his matches.

"He's always been a great wrestler, and from when I grew older in my career, I was able to analyze the work and understand the psychology and stuff," Gunther added. "You can tell he's one of the best to ever do it. If I get a chance to get in the ring with him, I would gladly take it."

Since ending his multi-year rivalry with Roman Reigns, Lesnar has migrated down the card ever so slightly. He feuded with Bobby Lashley this past fall, attacking The All-Mighty on an episode of Monday Night Raw, which ended up costing him his WWE United States Title. Lesnar escaped WWE Crown Jewel with the victory, but Lashley impressed in defeat. Based on how that match ended, and the fact that Lesnar and Lashley each have one victory over one another, many expect the two to have a third match at some point down the line.

Stay tuned to for updates on Brock Lesnar's WWE WrestleMania 39 plans.