Dana White Says 'Zero Chance' Jake Paul Will Face Conor McGregor

Jake Paul made headlines two weeks ago when he knocked out Nate Robinson on the Legends Only [...]

Jake Paul made headlines two weeks ago when he knocked out Nate Robinson on the Legends Only League fight card the night Mike Tyson faced off with Roy Jones, Jr. Paul has talked about a dream fight with Conor McGregor, but UFC President Dana White was quick to squash the talk of that happening during an interview with TMZ Sports.

White said, "[Conor McGregor] is one of the greatest fighters on Earth right now. He shouldn't be fighting kids that have f**king YouTube videos."

He went on to say that there is "zero chance" a fight between the two will happen.

After his fight with Robinson, Paul told TMZ that his team had reached out to McGregor's about a possible fight. Drumming up even more interest, Paul said, "I'm going in there to f**k Conor McGregor up."

McGregor will fight on January 23rd at UFC 257 against Dustin Poirier.

Jake Paul isn't the only Paul brother making headlines. His older brother, Logan Paul, landed an exhibition fight with Floyd Mayweather on February 20th. Mayweather, now 43 years old, is 50-0 as a professional while Paul is 0-1. Paul does have a large advantage in height and weight, standing 6'2" and weight 200 lbs to Mayweather's 5'8" and 150 lb frame, but that's not likely to make much of a different against one of the greatest pound for pound fighters of all time.

White was complimentary toward the two brothers for getting their names out there in the fight game, but he also made a point to say that neither of Pauls are in the same stratusphere as McGregor or Mayweather.

"There's a market for these kinda fights. It's just not what I do," White said.

He then added, "There will be a day when Conor McGregor could do these types of fights and make a bunch of money."

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