Matt Hardy Says Jeff Hardy Passed Final WWE Drug Test, Explains Why He Walked Out of Final WWE Match

Matt Hardy cleared up some of the biggest stories regarding his brother, Jeff Hardy, during his latest Twitch stream. The first was the confirmation from a report that dropped last week stating WWE attempted to get the former WWE Champion back in the company via a WWE Hall of Fame induction, which Jeff turned down. Matt said Jeff simply wanted the results of his final drug test with the company, the results of which came back negative and proved Jeff was clean when he was released late last year.

For those who don't recall, Hardy's last match was a six-man tag bout in Edinburg, Texas, where he randomly left the arena by walking through the crowd even though the match was still ongoing. He was released by the company days later, but Matt argued in his first Twitch stream after the release that WWE may have jumped the gun on their decision. He added at the time that WWE wanted Jeff to go to rehab, but he turned the offer down as he felt it was unnecessary. 

"The erratic behavior is why they gave him a drug test and sent him home," Matt explained. "He addressed it with me and, as he was saying, he knew at that point...working for WWE is a very stressful job. I am not going here to bury WWE, I love WWE, Vince McMahon, everyone who is there. I wouldn't be who I am and I wouldn't have this life right now. I have great appreciation and I'm very grateful for everything I've done for them and every opportunity they've given me. It's all good, but it's also a very stressful environment. Anyone who has worked there knows that. I feel Jeff was stressed out in many ways about several things and he confessed to me that when he went over that guardrail, he knew he was done. He was literally done with the match and he felt done,"

"I don't think he did it intentionally trying to get fired," he later added. "He does s— like that all the time. There are times where we're in the ring and he just goes into business for himself because that's how he feels. That's how he is. He's a very, emotionally, supercharged person and he follows his emotions and instincts."

h/t Fightful